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Canon Elura 100 MiniDV Digital Camcorder

Item # CNVELU100 (Part # 1178B001)
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Around the world, the name Canon means optical excellence, advanced image processing, and superb performance. And Canon digital video camcorders are no exception. The Elura family of camcorders offers a wide variety of advanced, yet easy-to-use features that make them perfect for capturing all of life's moments. The Eluras are the most affordable of Canon's Megapixel camcorders and give you both vivid video and brilliant digital photographs. They make it easy to share memories with family and friends.

With the Elura 100, you get all the flexibility and versatility of the Elura line, plus an impressive optical and digital zoom range, Double Shot technology for great video and digital photos, new features like Smooth Zoom and Level Shot, plus features found on more expensive camcorders. You also get an easy-to-read menu system for simple operation. And an omni-selector joystick that lets you easily operate playback, focus, exposure and menu options with a single controller. All this - in a stylish, affordable, easy-to-carry camcorder.

Widescreen HR Recording - You want your memories to last forever -- that's why you've taken the time to shoot them. And you want to shoot in widescreen format to get everything you can out of your new widescreen TV or home theater system.

Optical Performance You Can See - The Elura 100's lens is precisely matched to the camcorder's CCD and features a unique spectral coating that reduces flare and ghosting. The lens is a powerful 20x optical zoom. Combined with the camcorder's powerful 800x digital zoom, the Elura 100 gives you an impressive range of focal lengths (3.0-60mm). You always have the perfect lens, whether you're trying to capture a wide shot of the lake, a group shot at your daughter's wedding, or a telephoto shot at your child's recital

Image Stabilization - Canon's Advanced Image Stabilization is another reason you get unsurpassed optical performance from your Elura 100. Shoot fast action like sporting events, or your child's birthday party, or the view from your boat. Image Stabilization corrects camera shake instantly and makes all your video memories a joy to watch.

Brilliant Video

  • 1.33 Megapixel CCD and DIGIC DV - At the heart of the Elura 100 is a powerful 1.33 Megapixel CCD that delivers sharp and vibrant images. The performance of the CCD is combined with Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV signal processing circuit to give you both vivid video and brilliant digital photography
  • Level Shot Control - The Elura 100 Level Shot feature gives you horizontal and center markers in your viewfinder to help keep your camcorder level and your subject centered. For perfect shots, simply turn on Level Shot and make the horizon parallel to the horizontal marker in the viewfinder. For perfectly composed shots, use the center marker to place your subject in the center of the frame.
  • Smooth Zoom Control - Not only do you get a wide zoom range with the Elura 100, you can also get Smooth Zoom Control. Simply select from 3 pre-set zoom speeds and Smooth Zoom does the zooming for you -- giving you steady, professional-looking zoom shots every time.
  • Mega Video Light - Twin LEDs take over when the light gets low, so you can keep on shooting.
  • Low Light Performance - You don't have to put your Elura 100 away when daylight fades or when the only illumination comes from birthday candles. The camcorder's Auto Slow Shutter function lets you shoot with slow shutter speeds for enhanced low light performance.

Stunning Digital Photography - With Canon's DoubleShot technology, you get the best of both video and digital photography. That means the Elura 100 is a MiniDV camcorder that's also a great digital camera. With it's 1.33 Megapixel CCD, you get brilliant digital photographs you'll want to share with friends and family. Plus, Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV signal processing circuit processes still images differently from video images, ensuring that they're maximized for viewing on computer monitors and as prints

  • 9 Point Ai-AF - A feature found on more expensive camcorders, Auto Intelligent Auto Focus ensures sharp images and gives creative flexibility. Even when your subject isn't in the center of the frame, the Elura 100's 9 Point Ai-AF will bring it into sharp focus.
  • Motor Drive Mode - Perfect for capturing sports and other fast action, Motor Drive Mode lets you shoot a series of still images.
  • Progressive Photo - Canon's Progressive Photo feature gives you sharper detail in your digital photography.
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing - It can be difficult to get the right exposure under tricky light conditions -- like when your subject is standing against an especially dark or light background. Auto Exposure Bracketing increases your chances of getting your shot by automatically making three different exposures of the same shot -- one at normal exposure, one underexposed and one overexposed.
  • Simultaneous Photo Recording - Canon's Progressive Photo feature gives you sharper detail in your digital photography.
  • Special Scene Modes - For great results in a variety of shooting conditions, your Elura 100 features scene modes. Depending on the lighting and subject, select from: EASY, P, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, or Fireworks. The Elura 100 chooses the settings that will give you the best results. For example, choose Sports, and your camcorder picks a faster shutter speed for a clearer image of your child rounding the bases.
  • Image Effects - Three different image settings are available depending on your subject: Vivid, Neutral, and Skin Detail.

Perfect Exposures

  • Exposure Lock - With a push of the Elura 100's convenient omni-selector joystick, you can lock your exposure settings, then recompose your shot. For example, you can lock your exposure while zoomed in on your subject. Then, even if you zoom out and include a very bright or dark background, your Elura 100 will still be giving your subject the right exposure. Also, by shifting the omni-selector left or right, you can adjust your exposure by up to +/-11 stops (+/-2.75 EV).
  • Metering Modes - Three different metering modes give you the right exposure under different lighting conditions. Evaluative metering sets the exposure based on the entire frame. Center-weighted average sets the exposure according to the lighting in the center portion of the frame. And Spot sets the exposure according to the lighting within a specific area in the frame -- perfect for subjects in front of a very dark or light background.

Share Your Video - Your Elura 100 comes with a variety of features that make it easy to quickly share your video.

  • Firewire/IEEE 1394 DV Terminal - Sharing your video is easy because the Elura 100 comes equipped with an IEEE 1394 DV Terminal. Known as Firewire or iLink, the connection is a high-speed, digital interface that ensures virtually no loss of video or audio quality when transferring videos to a computer. Simply use a DV cable to connect your Elura 100 to your computer's DV Terminal and your favorite recorded moments will be transferred with all their original quality.
  • Motion JPEG Mode - With the Elura 100's Motion JPEG Mode, you can record movie clips directly to the camcorder's memory card, transfer it to your computer, and e-mail it or stream it over the web. When using an SD Memory Card, you can also record for the full length of the card. That's a 240-minute movie in SD card mode.
  • Analog Line-In/Converter - With your Elura 100, you can even share the video memories you have stored on analog videotapes. Simply feed the analog signal from your TV, VCR or analog camcorder to your Elura, and record it to DV tape. Similarly, your camcorder acts as a signal converter when you connect it between an analog device and another digital device.

Share Your Photos - Your Elura 100 comes with a variety of features that make it easy to quickly share your photos. Simply connect your Elura 100 to your PC using the USB terminal. You can now transfer your digital photos to your PC and share them with friends and family via email. Or, connect your camcorder directly to any PictBridge-compatible printer to print directly from your Elura 100 without going through a computer. Plus, you're assured of great prints because the Elura 100 comes with the Exif 2.2 print standard.

Image Sensor: 1/5" CCD, approx. 1,330,000 pixels
Tape Format: Video cassettes bearing the DV mark
Maximum recording time: SP: 80 min., LP: 120 min. (80 min. cassette)
Lens: f=3.0-60mm, f/1.8-3.6, 20x power zoom
Minimum Illumination: 2 lx
Recommended Illumination: More than 100 lx
AF System: 27mm
Viewfinder: 0.33", 113,000 pixels (16:9 display supported)
LCD Screen: 2.7", approx. 123,000 pixels

Number of Recording Pixels:
tape: 4:3 - approx. 690,000 pixels
16:9 (IS* off) - approx. 880,000 pixels
16:9 (IS* on) - approx. 750,000 pixels
card: approx. 1,000,000 pixels

Dimensions: Approx. 2.2 x 3.0 x 4.3 in. (57 x 77 x 109mm) excluding protrusions
Weight (not including lens and battery pack): Approx. 13.1 oz.. (370g)

Elura 100 Camcorder
Battery Pack BP-208DG
Compact Power Adapter CA-570
Wireless Controller WL-D85
Stereo/Video Cable STV-250N
USB Cable IFC-300PCU
Digital Video Solution Disk for Windows & Macintosh
This Kit Includes: