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JVC GZ-HD3 Everio 60-gigabyte Hard Drive 3-CCD High-definition Camcorder

Item # JVCGZHD3 (Part # GZHD3)
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Item Description:
The JVC GZHD3 HD Everio is a compact high definition camcorder offering the high-quality imaging and superior color reproduction of 3CCD technology. For bright, realistic colors, this intelligent machine uses three 1/5-inch CCDs -1each for red, green &Blu

Konica Minolta HD lens
The HD lens of the GZ-HD3 was developed by camera specialist, KONICA MINOLTA, to ensure optimal lens performance for use with our 3-CCD image sensor and MPEG2 recording technology. The result is an extremely detailed picture with clear contrast and strong presence throughout the image  -  the type of stable and consistent performance that becomes essential when recording images at HD specifications.

3 Progressive Scan CCDs
For bright, realistic colors the HD Everio uses three 1/5-inch CCDs  -  one each for red, green and blue. Naturally, by having dedicated CCDs for each primary color, the camera is able to gather the maximum visual information which leads to more realistic color reproduction and presence. Using Pixel Shift Technology, the Red and Blue pixel locations are shifted relative to Green, allowing the sampled color information to be quadrupled through interpolation.

Built-in Sliding Lens Cover
Slide it shut to protect the lens when the camera's not in use. It's integrated, so there's no risk of losing it like a lens cap.

Full 1440x1080 Recording
The GZ-HD3 offers HD recording with 1440x1080 resolution. These HD pictures are extremely fine and detailed, containing about4 times the visual information of conventional SD (Standard Definition) pictures. With a 60GB built-in hard disk drive you can record up to seven hours of HD video (SP mode), plus you get two additional recording modes to select according to your requirements.

5 Hours of Full HD recording / 3 Recor
With a 60GB built-in hard disk drive you can enjoy up to five hours of HD 1440 x1080i recording at a high 30Mbps (MAX), plus you get two additional recording modes.

Rec Mode Resolution SCODEC Video/Audio Bit Rate Rec Time (approx.)
XP 1440x1080i MPEG2-TS / MPEG1 Layer 2 Variable Bit Rate Max. 30Mbps Ave. 26.6Mbps 5 Hours
SP 1440x1080i Variable Bit Rate Max. 22Mbps Ave. 19Mbps 7 Hours
1440CBR* 1440x1080i Constant Bit Rate 27Mbps 5 Hours

HD Gigabrid Engine
Developed specifically for HD Everio, this new image processing engine processes the CCD images as a progressive scan signal. This provides the maximum image information to work with, regardless of the actual recording mode that is used. Also integrated into the chip are five digital noise reduction technologies that collaborate to improve the vertical resolution by about 30%. It?s at the heart of JVC's HD recording system.

2.8" Widescreen Clear LCD
The 2.8" widescreen LCD offers a 16:9 aspect ratio for wide cinematic video shooting. Naturally the playback picture can be enjoyed in full widescreen dimensions on the LCD or on a connected widescreen TV. This Clear LCD cuts surface reflections and glare to maintain a clear, visible, bright view during outdoor recording in direct sunlight.

60GB Hard Disk Drive Built-in
High-capacity HDD to record video and still images. Internal media means no need to buy additional discs and tapes. Since it's HDD, you can directly access the scene you want and delete the scene you don't want on the spot. Also, there's no risk of erasing previous recordings by mistake.

Hard Disk Drive Protection
Floating Suspension System effectively dampens vibrations through polymer shock absorbers while Gravity Sensor System automatically senses sudden acceleration such as in a free fall situation, and turns off the power to defend the hard disk so that a head crash can be avoided even when the unit is dropped.

SDHC Card for extra storage
The GZ-HD3 also has a slot for SDHC/SD Memory Card so you can store videos (SP mode only) and stills on this commonly available memory card (not provided).

  Video SP mode
Stills 1920 X 1080
Fine Standard
4GB SDHC Card (Not provided) 25min. 4320


Zebra Function
Displays a striped pattern across highlight areas on the image, making it easier to manually set the exposure.

Program AE
A full array of effects is available so you can choose the right exposure or shutter speed automatically according to the scene you're shooting. Easily accessible via visual menu dial.

Stick Control for Easy Operation
Access a multitude of functions with the 4-way one-finger control. Pressing the four "compass points" on the circular control operates everything from menu item selection to manual camera settings.

Wide Range of Mannual Control
In addition to point-and-shoot simplicity, HD Everio also offers a wide range of manual controls including Manual White Balance, Exposure Control, Sharpness Control, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Brightness Control.

Accessroy Shoe & Mic Input
Mount an optional microphone on the accessory shoe for clear, high-quality audio recording. A convenient Mic Input Terminal with plug-in power supplies power to the mounted microphone. With MZ-V8 Stereo Microphone

Powered Link & Operation
Automatically turns on the camera when you open the LCD so you can shoot right away, and turns off the camera when you close the LCD so you won't waste power.

Data Battery
Allows you to check the remaining battery power by % and remaining recording time in minutes at the touch of a button, even while the camcorder's power is off.

PC-less Solution with SHARE STATION
With JVC's optional SHARE STATION DVD Burner (CU-VD40/VD20), a totally PC-less solution for the archiving and viewing of Full HD content becomes possible. With it, you can store HD Everio's footage directly on a DVD without using a PC.

Full HD Archiving
HD footage is stored as data so you can use normal DVD-R/RW disc for burning. You can save everything, or the clips you want in the order you like, and other ways. Playback of archived data is simple, too. Just connect the CU-VD40 to your TV, no PC or HD Everio required.

Just connect to the CU-VD40 via USB2.0 and you can archive your HD video files on DVD discs without using a PC. Thanks to HD Everio's USB host function, simply follow the instructions on HD Everio's LCD and you're done. Since DVD-R DL disc is supported, you can store up to 40min. of Full HD video on a single disc (8.5GB).

Full HD Viweing
Playback is possible directly from the CU-VD40 to a connected TV/Display. Simply load a created HD data disc and you can enjoy powerful Full HD video on HDTV. No need to connect the camcorder. Analog component or down-converted SD video output also available.

Multiple Interaces for Expanded Connection
HD Everio accommodates a wide variety of usage environments with its full array of digital and analog interfaces. In addition to new HDTV displays, HD Everio footage can be viewed on conventional analog TVs as well, thanks to its down-conversion function. And with USB and i.LINK connectors, it's ready to transfer recordings to a personal computer for full-fledged editing.

Advanced Editing with a PC
For those who wish to edit and archive using their PCs, HD Everio comes supplied with full-fledged software. Blu-ray disc compatible applications let you store original Full HD content with full impact. And with plug-ins supplied for Mac software, Macintosh users will be able to create HD files using their own editing applications.

CyberLink BD Solution
All the tools needed for editing and playback of Full HD content, as well as storage on DVD and Blu-ray disc. (Blu-ray disc drive is required for burning a Blu-ray disc.)

  • PowerProducer 3 NE
    Offers easy authoring of video clips in any order you choose to DVD, even right from a USB-connected camera, so you can share your original DVDs with anybody who owns a DVD player.
  • PowerDirector 5 NE Express
    Offers feature-rich, non-linear editing so you can flex your creative muscle with titles, effects, and even mix stills with videos. Also converts to a variety of file formats including DV-AVI, Windows-AVI, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, Windows Media Video and RealVideo.
  • PowerCinema NE for Everio
    Makes it easy and simple to browse scenes in the camera, and enables the Direct DVD/Direct Backup function.

    Note: Third-party software available for Macintosh

Quicktime Component for Everio
For Macintosh users, the GZ-HD7 also includes plug-in software that works with Apple iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

Direct Data Backup to PC

Data archiving has never been easier. Just press the DIRECT BACK UP button, and data that has not yet been backed up can be transferred to a PC automatically.

Playlist Function
With the Playlist function, you can select the scenes you want in the order you want internally at the camera. Since data is output as programmed via i.LINK, you can transfer pre-edited content to a PC for easier editing.

Software Requirements

Windows - CyberLink BD Solution OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/XP Professional (pre-installed), USB2.0 connector is required
CPU: Intel Pentium 4, at least 2.4GHz. Pentium 4, at least 3.0GHz recommended. Intel Pentium M, at least 1.6GHz.
RAM: At least 512MB, at least 1GB recommended.
GRAPHIC: Intel/nVidia/ATI graphic card for MPEG-2 HD DxVA
Also tested and proven compatible with Windows VistaTM Home Basic/Home Premium. Even if your PC meets the listed system requirements, there may be cases of dropping frames during HD playback, or editing may take excessive time. For faster and more responsive operation, we recommend use of a PC with higher performance such as with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and 2GB RAM.

Macintosh - QuickTime Component for Everio
Hardware: Macintosh with 1.25GHz or faster PowerPC G4/G5, or Intel processors. (At least Intel Core Duo recommended.), USB2.0 connector is required.
OS: Mac OS X (10.4.4 to 10.4.8)
RAM: At least 512MB, at least 1GB recommended.


Format SD-VIDEO High Definition Video Recorder Profile:
Video: MPEG-2 TS
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer2
Still: JPEG
Storage Media 1.8" Hard Disk Drive (Embedded), SDHC/SD Memory Card
Hard Disk Drive Capacity 60GB
Images Sensors 16:9 1/5" Progressive 3-CCD, 570K-pixel each
Effective Pixels for Capture Moving images 430K-pixel each
Still images 530K-pixel each
Lens Zoom Ratio Optical 10x (Still: 8x) / Digital 200x
Focal Length 3.2 (Still: 4.0) - 32mm
F Stop F1.8 (Still: F1.9) - F2.4
Filter Diameter 46.0mm
ISO Settings 100, 200, 400
Shutter Speeds Moving images 1/2 - 1/4000
Still images 1/2 - 1/500
Video Recording Modes (VBR) XP (1440x1080i, Max. 30Mbps, Ave. 26.6Mbps)
SP (1440x1080i, Max. 22Mbps, Ave. 19Mbps)
1440CBR (1440x1080i, 27Mbps [CBR])
Video Recording Time (max.) XP/1440CBR: 5 Hrs.
SP: 7 Hrs.
Still Image Sizes [4:3] 1440x1080 / 1024x768 / 640x480
[16:9] 1920x1080
No. of Still Images (max.) 9999
Interfaces USB2.0/1.1, HDMI Out, i.LINK Out, Component Video Out, S-Video Out, AV Out, SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot, DC In
Power Consumption Approx. 6.7W
This Kit Includes: