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Voice Control Interactive Alarm Clock
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Moshi Voice Control Interactive Alarm Clock

Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty
Voice Activated, Snooze, 3 Alarm Sounds, 3 Sleep Sounds, Temperature, Night Light (Single/Multi), Volume Control

Alarm Clock with Voice Control

Sure, there are other talking alarm clocks out there. The Moshi Voice Control (VC) Alarm Clock, however, is not a talking alarm clock. The Moshi VC Alarm Clock is the first 'listening alarm clock' that allows you set the time and alarm by your voice alone.

Take control of your alarm clock

Moshi believes that you should be able to control your electronics and not the other way around. With the Moshi VC Alarm Clock, you are in complete control by using our voice activated commands. Simply activate Moshi by saying, "Hello Moshi". Moshi will then politely respond with ?Command Please? and then choose any of the 12 voice activated commands listed below.

Voice Activated Commands

  • Time - Tells you the current time
  • Set Time - Set time by voice
  • Alarm - Tells you time alarm is set
  • Set Alarm - Set alarm by voice
  • Alarm Sound - Choose 1 of 3 available alarms
  • Turn off the Alarm - Turns off alarm; gives current time, date, & temperature
  • Sleep Sound - Choose 1 of 3 available sleep sounds
  • Play Sleep Sound - Plays 5 minutes of sleep sound
  • Today's Date - Tells you today's date
  • Temperature - Tells you current temperature
  • Night Light - Turns on night light
  • Help - Offers a help menu of assistance

Voice Control (VC) Technology

With the Moshi VC Alarm Clock, you can ask for the time while getting ready in the bathroom, set the alarm or turn off the alarm clock without moving from the comfort of bed, and know the current temperature all the way from the closet. No more small buttons and no more impossible programming. Just speak, and Moshi VC Alarm Clock listens.

Recognized by the World Blind Union

The Moshi VC Alarm Clock is fully voice interactive and can be operated without ever even seeing the clock. It works so well that it is recognized by the World Blind Union and was awarded the VisionFree Award by the Stevie Wonder Foundation at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2009.

Understand the IVR Technology

No programming? No installation? My alarm clock will do whatever I say (well, sort of)? It's not too good to be true. Check out Moshi's Technology That Listens section, which will explain to you in plain English how Moshi's Voice Control technology works and how simple it is to use. The future is here.

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