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Panasonic AG-DVX100A 3-CCD 24p Mini-DV Camcorder, NTSC, Upgraded Version

Item # PNAGDVX100A (Part # AGDVX100A)
Brand new, USA Warranty
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Leica Lens
A serious camera starts with a serious lens. Leica lenses are known around the world as providers of the finest optics for use in the photo industry. The AG-DVX100 has the Leica Dicomar lens with 15 elements in 11 groups.

The AG-DVX100 lens is a 4.5mm to 45 mm (10 x zoom) with a screw-on filter diameter of 72mm, a common professional filter diameter. At its widest, the lens offers a view equivalent to a 32mm still photo lens on a 35mm camera.

Progressive Scan CCD's
The AG-DVX100 was designed to deliver the highest sensitivity and picture quality in its class. 3 1/3-inch CCD's with 410,000 picture elements (pixels), interpolating progressive video. These chips allow recording in low light down to about 3 lux.
Film-Look Gamma Setting
With film-like picture quality, the AG-DVX100 is a true advance for independent filmmakers and anyone who produces short movies or streaming video for online distribution. In addition to the 24p shooting mode, the parameters for contrast, detail, and color rendition is more like film than standard video. Operators of the camera may chose from 4 gamma presets:
  • LOW setting renders higher contrast images
  • NORM setting renders standard video look
  • HIGH setting renders bright images with enhanced gradation in dark area and soft overall contrast
  • CINE-LIKE setting renders film-look images with even softer detail and stretched blacks
Scan Matching with Synchro-Scan
When corporate videographers shoot monitor displays they hope that the camera can stabilize the image. With Synchro-Scan the AG-DVX100 will stop most monitors from flickering, shrink the raster bar, and the image will not roll. Scan matching occurs from 24.1 Hz to 250 Hz. The matching rates change somewhat depending on which recording mode you are in.
Professional Audio Inputs
The AG-DVX100 comes standard with a stereo microphone built onto the camera. In order to connect professional mics, there are 2 balanced audio XLR inputs. Additionally, 48 volt Phantom power is present to power special microphones that do not supply their own 48-volt power. Furthermore, chose line-level input for recording the sound from an audiocassette, audio CD, DVD or the sound from television or VCR.
Optical Image Stabilizer
The image stabilization system is only as good as the video that comes out. The AG-DVX100 incorporates an optical system (not a digital circuit) that does not degrade the image. A gyro-sensor detects hand shake and sends signals to a linear motor that adjusts the lens to compensate. Because this process takes place prior to the CCD image capture rather in the downstream processing, the optical system virtually eliminates any affect of hand shake on resolution and screen angle. The system corrects for shake 480 times a second.
Interval and Animation Recording
The interval function and one-shot function returns high quality results. Recording times can be set from half second to 2 seconds. Interval times set from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Now you can shoot the construction of a house, the growth of a plant from a seed or sunrise to sunset over the skyline, many hours of action on only a few minutes of video tape.

One-Shot recording is for animation. Menu select the recording seconds and hit the red button to record. Each time you hit the record button, the camera will record for only the seconds you selected.

LCD Monitor and Professional Style Viewfinder
The 3.5 inch color LCD monitor show your subject in sharp detail and greatly simplifies setting menu selections. The LCD conveniently rotates 270 degrees so even self portraits are easy to frame.

The viewfinder on the AG-DVX100 is more like a broadcast finder except it displays color. It is large enough that even with your face off the eyepiece, you can still make out the shot. The viewfinder also tilts upward 100 degrees so you can adopt a comfortable shooting stance with unobstructed forward vision.

Ergonomic Design
Designed for professionals, the size and shape of the camera and location of switches is well thought out from years of location experience. The balance point of the camera is right at the hand grip. No more front heavy or back heavy hand-held shooting. And because the camera comes with a relatively wide angel lens, there is less use for a wide angel converter, which tends to throw off balance.

Total weight with standard battery and tape is right around 4 pounds, lightweight enough for even the most diminutive shooter to maneuver with ease.

The skeleton lens hood is light weight, lets wind pass through and improves forward vision.

In addition to the hand grip record button and zoom control, you will find a second set of controls on the handle. This design element assures easy shooting even at low angles or when using a tripod. You may select 3 levels of zoom speed or turn off the function completely.

Zebra Exposure Patterns
Professional shooters don't guess as to correct exposure. Zebra indicators display lines in the viewfinder and/or monitor corresponding to percentage of full 100% correct exposure based on 100 IRE for broadcast standards. You can set 2 separate zebra patterns to show 80%, 85%, 90%, 95% or 100% exposure.
Scene File Dial
Scene files are preset values for common shooting situations. You can select:
  • FLUO for shooting under fluorescent lights
  • SPARK for high-contrast crisp video for events like a wedding reception
  • B-STR enhances gradation in dark portions of sunset shots
  • 24P setting is for 24P mode + Cine-Like gamma
  • ADVANC preset is for advanced 24P mode + Cine-Like Gamma
  • Factory default is standard setting
3 Recording Modes
The AG-DVX100 uses 3 CCD's that capture video progressively. That means the chip interpolates entire frames from top to bottom all at once. All recording modes will display on any NTSC monitor. The DVX100 records in 3 modes:
  • 60i/60 frame per second interlaced
  • 30P/30 frame per second progressive scan
  • 24P/24 frames per second progressive scan modes
    2:3 Pulldown-converted to 60i/60 frame per second interlaced
    2:3:3:2 Pulldown-converted to 60i/60 frame per second interlaced
CGR-D16 Battery
AG-B15 AC Adapter
AC Cable
DC Cable
Wireless Remote Control
CR-2025 Battery for Remote
VMG-1458 Viewfinder Eyecup
VYC-0870 Microphone Holder
VYC-0890 Microphone Holder Adapter
VYC-3891 Shoulder Strap
AY-DVMCL Cleaning Tape
1-Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty
90 Day Warranty for Heads
This Kit Includes: