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L210 10MP 2.5` LCD Digital Camera (Black)
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Samsung L210 10MP 2.5" LCD Digital Camera (Black)

Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty
10MP, 3x Optical Zoom,. 2.5" Intelligent LCD, OIS, Digital Image Stabilization, ISO 1600, Face Detection, MPEG4 Movie, Li-Ion Battery

Perfect Image: A high picture quality 10.2 mega pixel mounted CCD

  • The 10.2 mega pixel 1/2.33" high resolution CCD sensor allows for a high quality picture.
  • Clear picture quality can be achieved even for super size images larger than A2.
  • A robust mounted image processor enables rich gradation, fast and clear high quality picture processing.

3x Optical Zoom Lens : Equipped with a 3x optical (34-102 mm at 35 mm) inner zoom lens, F2.8 ? F5.2

  • 3x optical zoom lens (34-102 mm at 35 mm) supports impressive picture expression.
  • The mounted inner zoom lens allows for a slim design and efficient operation. This results in enhanced usability and portability.
  • Outstanding picture quality is achieved by the multi-coating on both sides of all lenses that effectively prevents chromatic aberration and distortion.

Dual Image Stabilization : Perfect combination of optical and digital correction of hand-shakes

  • With lens-shift method Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), hand shakes are completely controlled without image degradation in poor light conditions. Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) that is fully implemented in terms of image processing speed and picture quality. Concurrent use of OIS and DIS correction of hand-shakes ensures clear picture quality in any shooting condition.

Face Detection function : Face detection optimized for portrait shots

  • Under a backlight condition and when there is a difference in exposure between a subject and its background, a subject?s face is automatically detected, and brightness and focus are automatically adjusted for optimal shots.
  • When a subject is moving within a frame, it is automatically detected and tracked and Auto Exposure (AE) and Auto Focus (AF) are applied accordingly.
  • Up to 9 subjects can be detected at a time to support reliable image composition for portrait and multiple subjects shots.

Intelligent 230K pixel 2.5" LCD : Great luminosity achieved through automatic adjustment of brightness based on a light condition

  • Brightness is automatically adjusted and corrected to prevent reduced luminosity of the LCD that can occur as result of strong sunlight.
  • Brightness is automatically adjusted to prevent unnecessary battery consumption when pictures are taken in low light conditions and the LCD is clearly visible.
  • Intelligent LCD is a function that adjusts brightness of the LCD automatically based on the surrounding light.

ISO 1600 Support : With Images Noise Reduction function, clear picture quality obtained at high sensitivity

  • The camera can effectively reduce possible noises in super speed sensitivity mode for clear images.
  • ISO 1600 super speed sensitivity enables clear quality pictures to be taken even in low light conditions. (ISO supported: Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600)
  • Super speed sensitivity enables sharply-focused, momentary stop pictures to be taken of moving subjects such as children or people engaged in sports.

Advanced Movie Mode: Powerful video recordings with MPEG-4 SVGA Quality(800 X 592) resolution

  • Ultra high quality video recording is enabled by support of the 3x optical zoom, SVGA quality resolution at 800 X 592(20 fps), and VGA/QVGA resolution at 640 X 480 / 320 X 240 (30/15 fps).
  • With Audio or without Audio (user selectable, recording time : Max 2 hours)
  • 3X Optical Zoom, Mute during Zoom Operation
  • Movie Editing (Embedded): Pause during recording, Still Image Capture 

Silver/Black/Red-coloured Metal Body: Luxury design of full aluminium metal body

  • Solid durability and light weight of the full aluminium metal body design is implemented.
  • Using the characteristics of aluminium material that reflect rays such as infrared and ultraviolet rays, unnecessary rays filtering in to the camera can be effectively blocked.
  • Use of a corrosion-resistant body ensures prevention of corrosion and protects the product from external shocks and scratches.

20mm Slim Design : A slim digital camera with powerful performance

  • Enhanced portability and picture quality with 20 mm-thick slim design and a 3x optical zoom extendable barrel lens.
  • A delicate design with dimensions of 87.7 X 56.3 X 20 mm and a light product weight of 114g (excluding battery and memory).
  • Slim design achieved through application of dedicated Lithium ion rechargeable batteries and SD memory card for stable power consumption.

Self Portrait : Accurate exposure and focus for self portrait shots

  • Using the face detection function, a beeping sound notifies users when a face is located in a specific area.
  • This function helps convenient and accurate self portraits.
  • Easier self portrait shooting
  • Recognition of up to 3 faces for shots with friends
  • Beeping sound to deliver clearer information by the camera, moves out of the frame.

Function Description and Photo Help Guide : Instructions on the camera functions for beginner

  • If a problem is encountered during shooting, troubleshooting instructions are provided so that image correction can be easily performed by anybody.
  • Step-by-step instructions on use of the camera are provided through the LCD for user's convenience.
  • When each camera function is set up, instructions for the corresponding function is provided so that the camera can be operated even by a beginner.
  • Instructions regarding the entire camera functions such as shutter and aperture as well as shooting are available. 

Shooting Mode : User-oriented shooting mode from photography to multimedia functions

  • AUTO, P Mode: After the brightness distribution in a shooting scene is measured, the exposure and focus are automatically adjusted (P Mode: user-controllable).
  • M Mode: The shutter speed and aperture can be manually specified by the user for professional image expression.
  • DUAL Mode: A shooting mode intended for low light conditions where optical and digital correction of hand-shake are employed.
  • Photo Help Guide Mode: Instructions on the camera functions for beginner
  • Portrait Mode: A shooting mode intended for portrait shots.
  • Scene Mode: Shooting data for 10 different situations are available for a professional shooting experience.
  • Video Recording Mode: Ultra high quality video recording at SVGA resolution (800 X 592, 20 fps).

5-level of Sharpness, Contrast and Saturation Adjustments : Optimal adjustments for best image expressions

  • Based on shooting environments, the clarity, contrast and saturation of pictures can be adjusted at 5 levels.
  • The brightness, contrast and saturation of pictures can be adjusted at the time of playback.
  • Sharpness: The basic clarity of pictures can be specified (adjustment of image pixels).
  • Contrast: The difference between brightness and darkness can be adjusted (adjustment of a tone)
  • Saturation: The intensity and faintness of colours can be adjusted (adjustment of colour distinction).

AEB or Exposure Correction function : Image brightness control are supported by adjustment of the exposure measured by the camera

  • When the measured exposure data is not accurate, pictures are taken automatically based on the exposure range specified by the user.
  • The function controls the shooting exposure based on the exposure measured by the camera according to user's selection.
  • AEB(Auto Exposure Bracketing): It automatically shoots darker or brighter pictures, according to the exposure standard measured by automatic exposure stage shooting.
  • Exposure correction: Enables darkness and brightness to be controlled in relation to the exposure measured, by using +/- buttons

ACB (Auto Contrast Balance) function : Automatic adjustment of contrast through measurement of darkness and brightness

  • ACB will adjust when the objects is dark, and background is bright.
  • The contrast of the object area will be automatically modified info proper brightness.
  • More natural portraits under the backlight.
  • Natural correction when there is large brightness difference within the frame.

Auto Macro capability (for up to 5 cm proximity) : Macro shooting for close up shots

  • The camera incorporates an auto macro and micro modifying function which avoids the need to switch to micro-shooting when in macro mode.
  • Auto Macro supports a 5 cm to infinity range in wide mode, and a 50 cm to infinity range in tele mode.
  • The camera can express images of small subjects including flowers and insects by super macro 4 cm shooting.

White Balance Selection: White Balance and User-defined Settings

  • During shooting, actual colour expressions of an image may vary depending on the colour temperature of light sources such as sunlight, fluorescent and tungsten.
  • Based on a light source such as sunlight, fluorescent and tungsten , a predetermined colour temperature is selected for natural expression of images.
  • Natural expression of colours through Auto White Balance (AWB) for automatic adjustment of color temperature and user-defined WB settings.

Color Effect function: Various expressions of images through color adjustments

  • Images can be expressed in various colours through editing of shooting and playback settings.
  • 7 colour effects (Normal, BW, Sepia, Blue, Red, Green, Negative and Custom): shooting and playback settings.
  • Image colour editing for playback (Colour Filter, Shaded, Elegant, Add Noise)

11 Scene Modes supported : Optimal scene settings based on situations that allow professional shots

  • Based on situations, shooting data such as exposure, colour and contrast can be easily set up by anybody for professional shots.
  • 11 modes supported: Portrait, Night scene, Children, Landscape,Text, Close-up, Sunset, Dawn, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach & Snow
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