Sony DCR-TRV38 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder

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The DCR-TRV38 compact mini DV camcorder offers digital video and audio recording. The Digital technology delivers rich and accurate picture quality with up to 520 lines of horizontal resolution. Equipped with a Mega Pixel CCD that provides stunning detail and clarity, it can also record high resolution 1152 x 864 digital still images and store them directly onto Sony's Memory Stick media.
Features a professional Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar Lens. The lens system is world renown for professional quality.

Mega Pixel CCD
The 1/4.7 inch Charged Coupled Device, provides stunning detail and clarity with 520 lines of video resolution. Captures high quality still images (1152 x 864) resolution and stores them on a removable Memory Stick storage media.
Mini DV Recording
Mini DV recording format delivers 3x the color bandwidth of VHS and lower signal to noise ratio compared to analog formats, providing stunning video performance comparable to DVD.
Ultra Compact Design
This unique design complements the product's compact size while providing easy, comfortable access to the video controls.
Advanced HAD CCD
Enhanced (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD design allows more light to reach the imager, which reduces video noise to improve signal to noise ratio.
The Camcorder features a 10x optical, 120x precision digital zoom which allows you to zoom in on subjects or pull back for wide shots. In addition, precision digital zoom interpolation technology means that extreme digital zooming is cleaner, with less distortion than previous types of digital zoom.
PCM Stereo Audio
Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) recording for an incredible 96db dynamic range. The Digital camcorder provides two recording modes, 12 and 16-bit audio. 12-bit creates two sets of stereo tracks, and 16-bit mode offers one pair of stereo tracks. Audio dub capability allows you to add an additional 12-bit stereo track to your original recording.
Analog to Digital Conversion with Pass-Through
The camcorder analog inputs feature a built-in Analog to Digital converter that will convert your analog video/audio to a digital signal that can either be recorded to tape or passed through the i.Link interface to a compatible computer.
i.Link DV Interface
The i.Link DV In/Out interface (IEEE-1394) provides a high-speed, bi-directional digital link between camcorders or VCRs for digital to digital editing, which delivers unmatched versatility and performance.
Color Viewfinder
The viewfinder incorporates 113,000 pixels, providing a clear full color view of video subjects with up to 400 lines of resolution.
3.5-inch Touch Panel LCD Monitor
Features a 3.5" touch panel LCD screen, with 184,000 pixels for clear and sharp images. The screen swivels up to 270 degree and can be adjusted to the popular 'mirror' mode.
On screen touch panel system allows you to navigate through the camera's menu system at the touch of the LCD screen.
Professional Quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar Lens
Uses an advanced optical multi-layer lens coating that reduces glare and flaring, while providing improvement in detail and contrast. This results in vivid image brilliance, true-to-life color saturation, and perfect renditions of subtle tones.
Progressive Shutter System
By using a mechanical shutter with an interlace scanning system, the progressive shutter provides a progressive scan performance, while the camcorder captures sharp and clear images.
USB Streaming
You can stay connected with friends and family by broadcasting live video with audio via the internet with a USB interface. You can even play back your favorite recorded scene stored on tape. It's like having a web camera and video conferencing system.
USB Interface
Provides an easy way to connect the camcorder to computers for fast transfer of digital images and MPEG movies stored on Memory Stick media.
Program AE
Features a 6-mode Program Auto Exposure for the proper exposure in a variety of situations: Portrait, Beach and Ski, Sports Lesson, Landscape, Spotlight, Sunset and Moon.
Super NightShot Infrared System and Color Slow Shutter
With this feature you can capture video even when shooting in total darkness (0 lux), using the camcorder's infrared system up to 10 feet away. Super NightShot recording mode, automatically adjusts the shutter speed to increase picture brightness and clarity.
Color Slow Shutter mode allows you to record in low light situations with full color detail by slowing down the shutter speed.
Super Steady Shot Picture Stabilization
This advanced version of Sony's SteadyShot system controls an even higher range of shake and vibration freguencies, to achieve an even higher level of smoothness without degradation of video.
Digital Program Editing
Allows you to select a sequence of 20 scenes and rearrange them via i.Link (IEEE-1394) to i.Link (IEEE-1394) or to an Analog VCR.
Intelligent Accessory Shoe
Provides power, on/off, and special operational commands to a variety of Sony intelligent accessories via a multi-pin interface. This enables easy synchronized operation between the camcorder and such accessories as video lights and microphones, without additional batteries or cables.
Memory Stick Slot
Sony Memory Stick compatible. Sony's digital storage medium Memory Stick allows super flexible storage of still or moving images, as well as digital audio and other text or command information. Memory Stick provides a quick and easy transfer of your digital camcorder to a PC, to editing device, to printer, to display system and back again.
Capture up to 60 seconds of MPEG encoded video, and store it directly to Memory Stick Media. Or, convert up to 60 seconds of digital video to an MPEG Movie for e-mailing. Take the "Best of" scene recorded on video tape, convert it to an MPEG Movie, and share it with family and friends via the internet.
MPEG movie can be captured onto Sony's Memory Stick
Photo Mode
The photo mode feature uses Sony's unique Adaptive Frame Interpolation for better image quality. Stores up to 700 still photos on a 60-minute cassette in LP mode.
Control L (Lanc)
The Control-L protocol connects camcorders, VCRs and editing controllers for precise control and ease of use during editing or dubbing.
InfoLithium Battery with AccuPower
The Lithium batteries can be recharged at any time without developing any memory effect and will provide longer battery life. AccuPower Meter is a system that continuously displays the amount of battery time remaining in minutes in the viewfinder or LCD.
Interval Recording
Allows the user to record video in preset intervals.
Frame Recording
Mode allows recording of any individual frame of the 30 frames that make up one second of video.
Battery Information
Battery information is displayed for 7 seconds on the LCD screen or viewfinder when charging and when the camera is turned off. The display will show how much the battery is charged in 10 percent increments and the recordable time left using either the LCD screen or the viewfinder.
Playback Zoom
During video playback, pause mode, or while viewing still images stored on the Memory Stick media, you can zoom in up to 5x closer.
Then you can store these enlarged images on to the Memory Stick media.
Simultaneous Record Mode
While in video recording mode, you can easily take a snapshot, just by a press of a button.
Manual Focus Ring
Allows you to adjust the camcorder's focus for more creativity. Also allows the user to control the focus in difficult shooting situations.

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