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Ecologically Friendly Organic Small Pillow
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Somina Ecologically Friendly Organic Small Pillow

Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty
Somina provides you with all effective sleep phases necessary for you to find your natural balance, rejuvenate and relax..

Ecologically Friendly Organic Small Pillow

Somina, and the newly created sleeping culture will help you regain natural balance in your life and on a global dimension.

Hectic life, monotone movement, and too little exercise deprive you from an optimal lifestyle. 1 in 3 people suffer from back pain. Therefore, Somina provides you with all effective sleep phases necessary for you to find your natural balance, rejuvenate and relax.

Welcome the support Somina offers for you to create new balance in your life. It is our personal responsibility to optimize our lifestyle, while following our ecological conscience.

Somina ensures you meet these challenges, while offering immeasurable benefits:

  • Improved sleep ? develop a new sleep culture
  • Ecologically friendly ? use of Soja ? Bean ? Oil instead of petroleum
  • Bio-compatible ? renewable raw materials
  • Optimal sleep can effectively support the immune system.
  • Can help rejuvenate joints to maintain a pain-free and uninhibited active lifestyle even in advanced years.
  • Effective sleep cycles can help attain and maintain physical and psychological balance in an increasingly unbalanced society, thus helping to avoid depression and burn-out syndrome.


NASA developed visco-elastic foam and Somina has taken it through an evolution process, achieving a material that is produced out of biologically and ecologically friendly oils, Somina's visco-elastic mattresses are the biggest revolution in sleep culture in the last 75 years.

Somina's Soja-Bean-Oil is free from gene manipulation, offers an annually regenerative raw material with ecological benefits and improved physical properties when compared with the characteristics of other mattresses.

Somina's bed cover is woven from a combination of renewable natural threads that offer great benefits when applied to our sleep system: LYOCELL feels like silk, as soft as polyester with the cooling effect of linen in summer but the warmth of wool in winter. Nanotechnology for excellent moisture transportation and perfect micro-climate during sleep.

KAPOK?s extraordinary characteristics of natural bitterness represses the development of moths, spiders and mites, as well as excluding the development of fungus.

  • Visco Elastic Foam:  7cm thick, density = 55kg/m3
  • Premium Cold Foam:  13cm thick, density = 55kg/m3
  • Cover machine washable


Somina is committed to positive change; after a stressful, monotonous day we offer you a sleep system with optimal conditions for weightless relaxation and rejuvenation while you sleep, to achieve healthy balance in your life.

Somina sleep system offers:

  • Precise body modeling individually to your needs for an optimal positioning.
  • Perfect load deflection for your body, reducing pressure on your weighted joints while offering compliance and yield for localized support.
  • Nanotechnology with an open cell structure effectively transports 70% of the body moisture produced through perspiration while you sleep and offers a dry sleeping environment.
  • Improved quality of sleep is increased through the reduced frequency of turning by up to 65%, and the rapid eye movement phase.
  • Optional Compression Load characteristics based on body weight ? suitable for <100kg (220lbs) or >100 kg (220lbs)
  • 10 year guarantee for the physical composition of our sleep system.
  • Can be supplied to any size specifications

Choosing your Mattress:

Somina sleep system is perfect for your needs especially for acute or chronic skeletal and muscular pain sufferers

Somina sleep system enables weightless relaxation and can prevent the manifestation of pain and or ease physical symptoms of :

  • Slipped discs
  • Rheumatism
  • Circulatory Problems
  • Hip and joint pain
  • Shoulder Arm syndrome
  • Fybromialgie 
  • Discubutus (open wounds from prolonged bed rest)

Allergies are an ever increasing concern, especially for worried parents. Allergies caused through pollutants and bacteria are constantly introduced into your sleeping environment through mites and bed bugs. Through the composition and structure of the SOMINA Lyocell bed cover these threats are significantly reduced making this system the only choice for allergy sufferers.

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