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Scientific 417 Function Calculator - FX-115ESPLUS
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Casio Scientific 417 Function Calculator - FX-115ESPLUS

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Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty
Casio Advanced Scientific Calculator with Natural Textbook Display format: 417 Functions, Fraction calculation, Combination & Permutation, Logarithm log, List STAT data editor, Std deviation. Comes with slide on hard case

Casio's latest and most advanced scientific calculator features new Natural Textbook Display and improved math functionality. FX-115ES PLUS has been designed to be the perfect choice for high school and college students learning General Math; Trigonometry; Statistics; Algebra I and II; Calculus; Engineering; Physics.

Product Specifications:


  • Power Supply: Solar +(G13/LR44)x1
  • Display (Lines or Dots): 16 x 4 Lines (96 x 31 Dots)
  • Auto Power OFF: Yes

Display / Expression

  • Natural Textbook Display: Yes
  • Input: Yes
  • Output (Fraction): Yes
  • Output (pi; root): Yes
  • Transformations: Sexagesimal-Decimal Transformation: Yes; Engineering Notation: Yes; Recurring Decimal: Yes

Basic Functions

  • Trigonometric; Inverse Trigonometric: Yes
  • Hyperbolic; Inverse Hyperbolic: Yes
  • Exponental; Logarithmic (log;ln;10x;ex): Yes
  • Power and Radical Root: Yes
  • Fraction: Yes
  • Mixed Fraction: Yes
  • Pi: Yes
  • Rounding: Yes
  • Angle Unit / Conversion (Deg; Rad; Grad): Yes
  • GCD/LCM: Yes
  • Remainder (R?): Yes
  • Base Specified Logarithmic (Log aB): Yes
  • Prime Factorization: Yes


  • Variables: 9
  • Answer Memory (Ans): Yes
  • Previous Answer Memory (Pre Ans): Yes
  • Solve function: Yes
  • CALC Function (Stored FormulaCalculation): Yes
  • Scientific Constant: 40
  • Metric Conversion: 40

Special Features

  • Statistics: Yes
  • Standard Deviation: Yes
  • Regression: Yes
  • Combination; Permutation (nCr; nPr): Yes
  • Random Numbers: Yes
  • Random Integers (RanInt): Yes
  • Integer / Nearest Lower Integer (Int;Intg): Yes
  • Table Function: Yes
  • Type of Table: f(x) f(x); g(x)
  • Complex Number Calculation: Yes
  • Differentiation; Integration Calculation: Yes
  • Base-N Calculations: Yes
  • Matrix Calculations: Yes
  • Vector Calculations: Yes
  • Equation Calculation: Yes
  • Simultaneous Equation: Yes
  • Polynomial Equation: Yes
  • Inequality Calculation: Yes
  • Sum Calculation (SIGMA): Yes
  • Product Calculation (Product of f(x)): Yes
  • Verify Function: Yes
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