Canon ZR400 Mini-DV Digital Camcorder

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If the ZR400 is your first camcorder, your choice has set the bar at a high level. As Canon's lowest priced Megapixel camcorder, the ZR400 combines features found on higher priced cameras with a variety of versatile functions and the brilliance of a Megapixel CCD. It's also three-cameras-in-one, giving you great performance as a camcorder, a digital still camera, and a webcam. With features and automatic settings that make your life as a videographer easy, you'll find that the ZR400 is both powerful and easy to use. 

The Canon ZR400 Mini-DV camcorder offers for the first time in an entry-level model a 1.33-megapixel CCD to deliver higher quality video and still photos. The ZR400 demonstrates Genuine Canon Optics with a 14x Optical Zoom Lens and image stabilization. Included with the camcorder is a Canon 0.6x wide attachment that increases the field of view by approximately 40 percent, which is helpful for including everyone in a large group of people, the span of an interior room or the scope of a landscape. 


DV Photo Plus* 
Canon's DV Photo Plus combines Canon's core imaging essentials, creating video, still pictures and prints of superior clarity, color and brilliance. DV Photo Plus is the integration of Canon's world-renowned optics and the company's exclusive DIGIC DV image processor, a 1.33 megapixel CCD image sensor and the Print-And-Share feature that speeds image transfer from Canon camcorders to computer or printer.

1.33 Megapixel CCD*
True color and the finest detail are found in every shot processed by Canon's Megapixel CCD. The CCD works like film -- when light hits it, it registers an image; advanced processing then converts the pixels into digital data creating your video or stills. So whether you are right next to your subject or 500 feet away, you get crisp images with life-like detail that you can view on your computer or TV, or even make a print for your whole family.

Megapixel Still Photos*
Photos are captured to a memory card at a resolution of 1152 x 864 pixels

* Items marked with asterisks above indicate key step-up features from the ZR300

Shoot Brilliant Videos And Photos Simultaneously
Now you don't have to miss out on capturing the perfect photo while shooting the perfect video. That's because the ZR400 has the ability to take high-resolution Megapixel digital photos onto a memory card while recording video.

Zoom In On Vivid Details With Genuine Canon Optics
Canon is known the world over for its vast expertise in designing and crafting precision lenses for 35mm and broadcast TV cameras. That same expertise goes into the lenses of the ZR-series digital camcorders. The ZR400 extends your reach with a 14x optical zoom and powerful 280x digital zoom. Snap on the 0.6x Wide Angle Attachment and you're now ready to get the most out of indoor shots, as well as panoramic views of scenery, landscapes and sporting matches.
Record True Widescreen Moments
Now you can give your footage a touch of Hollywood style! New to the ZR-series camcorders is a high-resolution 16:9 widescreen recording mode. Typically reserved for more expensive camcorder models, the 16:9 widescreen feature allows you to record true widescreen videos and photos for playback on home theatre systems.
An Easy-To-Use Camcorder That's Easy On The Eyes
By eliminating the gap between the lens and viewfinder, the ZR400 camcorder takes on a seamless, fluid appearance. Smaller in depth and lighter by 2 oz than previous ZR models, the new ZR400 is easier to carry wherever life takes you.
Enhanced design features include:

  • New Program Selector - Located beside the LCD display, the Program Selector makes it easy to quickly switch modes.
  • Finger Rest - Located on the upper side of the grip, the finger rest improves stability while shooting.
    Easy Operation Buttons - PLAY and STOP buttons are now independent, while the FF and RW buttons are located together, improving usability by preventing accidental pressing of the wrong button.
  • Oval Grip - An oval-shaped grip located on the top of the lens improves shooting comfort while adding a touch of style.
  • Flat Zoom Lever - The brand new flat zoom lever not only makes for stress--ree zooming, but also helps reduce the physical size of the camcorder.
  • Slim Operation Switch - For increased miniaturization, the ZR camcorders feature an innovative Slim Operation Switch.

Preview Your Videos Even In Bright Light
Tired of squinting into the LCD display of a camcorder while shooting outdoors? The ZR400 camcorder features an innovative backlight feature that boosts the display's brightness by 250%. Simply press the LCD Backlight button for improved visibility even during the peak of a sunny summer's day.

Convert Your Analog Memories to Digital
Once you own a ZR-series digital camcorder, an entire world of move- and still-image making possibilities opens up as a result of its MiniDV format (a worldwide industry standard). But what about those older analog videotape memories? Canon makes updating them to digital a breeze with its advanced Analog/Digital Converter technology.
Keep Shooting Long After The Sun Goes Down
No need to pack up the camcorder just because the day is over. The ZR400 camcorder has a Night Mode that automatically boosts the sensitivity of the CCD and lowers the shutter speed in low light conditions to help brighten the subject.

  • SuperNight & Night+ Mode
    For an added low-light boost, the ZR400 features two additional modes: SuperNight and Night+. In SuperNight mode, the camcorder's white LED assist lamp lights up automatically in low light conditions to provide extra illumination. By switching to Night+ mode, you decide when more light is needed by manuallyturning the assist light on and off.

Do More With Your Digital Footage
The ZR-series camcorders make it easy to transfer your digital movies to your computer's hard disk, edit your scenes, and then use them to create high impact Web sites, video e-mail, interactive CDs and DVDs, or a personal video album. All three models feature a USB Terminal and DV Terminal (IEEE 1394 or Firewire) for transfer of your memories without any loss in quality.

  • SD Memory Card and MultiMediaCard
    For convenient storage and portability of your still images, the ZR400 also features an additional built-in slot for SD (Secure Digital) Memory Cards or a MultiMediaCards.
  • Normal and Motion JPEG Extended Movies
    Record movie clips in Normal and Motion JPEG Extended movie formats directly onto the memory card, for clear images and smooth playback. Alternately, you can take the 320 x 240 pixel or 160 x 120 pixel mini-movie and attach it to an e-mail or post it on the web. Best of all, you can record for the full length of the SD Memory Card*. * Max. 60 minutes (512MB SD Memory Card). When using MultiMediaCards, movie clips are limited to 10 seconds in 320 x 240 and 30 seconds in 160 x 120.
  • Picture Transfer Protocol
    The ZR400 goes even further to make life simple by supporting Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP). PTP enables data communication with a computer without the need to install dedicated driver software. In other words, PTP creates a direct link with the computer to access the camcorder as though it was an external card reader*.
  • Say Goodbye To Shaky Shots
    Capture all the action without the shake thanks to the ZR-series camcorder's high-quality image stabilization system. The result of Canon's superior electronic expertise, the image stabilizer is able to correct camcorder shake instantly, even when shooting hand-held at full telephoto. From sporting events to childhood antics, you won't miss a beat with a ZR400 digital camcorder.
    Your One-Stop Digital Photo Lab
    When you're ready to print your digital images, the ZR400 camcorders offers flexible connectivity with a variety of printers. A single cable connects your camcorder to a PictBridge-compliant printer, giving you printing option control from the camcorder's menu. Choose from a range of different paper sizes with options for borderless or bordered prints.
    Keep The Focus On Your Subject
    Perfect for when the subject you want to photograph is not in the center of the frame, the ZR400 digital camcorder offers the choice of three focusing points. The result is a more dramatic composition in which you decide where the focus should be sharpest.
    Take Advantage Of Automatic Settings
    The ZR400 will have you shooting like a pro, thanks to the pre-programmed auto exposure modes (Easy Recording, Auto, Sports, Portrait, Spotlight, Sand & Snow, Low Light and Night mode). There is even an Auto Slow Shutter mode to give your movies a dream-like quality. Each mode is carefully designed to give you the best possible image results under special shooting conditions.
    More experienced users will appreciate the manual focus, exposure level, white balance, and shutter speed controls. The ZR400 also offers auto-wind, date search and end search capabilities, and two recording speed modes: LP and SP.
    Digital Effects
    For a more creative look, you can switch on the following digital effects during recording or playback*: Art, Black & White, Sepia, Mosaic, Ball, Cube, Wave, Color Mask or Mirror.
    * In Card mode: Only black and white is available.
    Multi-image Screen
    Divide your screen into four, nine or sixteen pictures with the Image Capture function. You can also select the speed the images are captured: Manual, Slow, Moderate or Fast.
    Turn Your Camcorder Into A Webcam
    Available as a free download for the ZR400 is the versatile DV Messenger software. DV Messenger allows you to use your ZR400 for Internet Video Chat with Microsoft Windows Messenger through IEEE1394. Control the zoom and focus of your camcorder or the camcorder of the person you are chatting with. Preview thumbnails and transfer photos. You can even watch and control the video playback of either camcorder right from your computer.
    Personalize Your Camcorder
    Add your own personal touches to your ZR400, such as customized start-up images and camcorder operation sounds. With the My Camera Function you can also select your preferred operating language, be it English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese or Japanese, in addition to the date format.


    • Power supply (rated): 7.4 V DC
    • Power consumption: 2.6 W (using viewfinder), 3.5 W (using LCD screen in normal brightness)
    • Television system: EIA standard (525 lines, 60 fields) NTSC color signal
    • Image sensor: 1/4.5-inch CCD, approx. 1,330,000 pixels; Effective pixels: tape approx. 690,000 pixels, card approx. 1,000,000 pixels; 16:9 (image stabilizer on) 650,000 pixels
    • Tape format: Videocassettes bearing the MiniDV mark
    • Tape speed: SP: 0.74 ips (18.81 mm/s), LP: 0.49 ips (12.56 mm/s)
    • Maximum recording time (with an 80-min. cassette) SP: 80 min., LP: 120 min.
    • Fast forward/rewind time: 2 min. 20 sec. (with a 60-min. cassette)
    • Lens: f=3.7-51.8 mm, f/1.8-3.2, 14x power zoom
    • Minimum focusing distance: 3.3 ft. (1 m); 0.39 in. (1 cm) on maximum wide angle
    • Minimum illumination: 1.8 lx (using the Night mode)
    • Recommended illumination: More than 100 lx
    • Filter diameter: 28 mm
    • Viewfinder: 0.33-inch TFT color, approx. 113,000 pixels
    • LCD screen: 2.4-inch TFT color, approx. 112,000 pixels
    • Microphone: Stereo electret condenser microphone
    • DV terminal: Special 4-pin connector (based on IEEE 1394)
    • USB Terminal mini-B
    • Video terminal: 1 Vp-p/75 ohms unbalanced
    • Audio terminal: 3.5mm minijack
      Audio output: -10 dBV (47 kohm load)/3 kohms or less
      Audio input: -10 dBV/40 kohms or more
    • Memory Card Recording media: MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card
    • Memory Card File format: Design rule for Camera File System (DCF), Exif 2.2* compliant, DPOF compliant
    • Memory Card Image format: Still image: JPEG (compression: Super Fine, Fine, Normal)
      Movie: Video data: Motion JPEG, audio data: WAVE (monaural)
    • Number of Recording Pixels Still image: 1152 x 864, 640 x 480 pixels
      Movie: 320 x 240, 160 x 120 pixels, 15 frames/sec.
    • Operating temperature range: 32 - 104? F (0 - 40? C)
    • Dimensions: 2.0 x 3.7 x 5.1 in. (51 x 93 x 130 mm) excluding protrusions
    • Weight (not including lens and battery pack): approx. 15.2 oz. (430 g)
    ZR400 Body
    Battery Pack NB-2LH
    Compact Power Adapter CA-570
    Stereo Video Cable STV-250N
    Wide Attachment WA-28
    Wireless Controller WL-D85
    MultiMediaCard MMC-16M
    USB Cable IFC-300PCU
    Digital Video Solution Disk for Windows & Macintosh
    This Kit Includes: