Looft Lighter I Original Electric Fire Starter, 60 Second Charcoal Lighter 70018

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Item Description:
  • Fast, safe, and eco-friendly
  • Lights all kinds of solid fuels
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Features a bottle opener in the stand
  • Looft Lighter I

    The original Looft Lighter I is the most quick, safe and environmentally friendly method of lighting your grill or fireplace. Simply clean and hot air that reaches a temperature of 1100 °F (approximately 600 °C) within seconds - NO gas, NO flame and NO need for lighter fluids.

    The Looft Lighter I produces the perfect glow within no time - whether it be charcoal, briquettes or logs. Simply put: The Perfect Match.



    The Looft Lighter I is the fastest way to start your charcoal grill, fireplace or pizza oven. You’re fired up within 60 seconds!


    No flame, no gas, no chemicals - get in charge of the fire with nothing more than superheated air. The safety casing cools quickly within seconds after use.


    No more CO2 emissions, no more hazardous chemicals - the Looft Lighter I puts an end to the era of lighter fluids.


    Continue using the Looft Lighter I for around 3-5 minutes on your charcoal or briquettes to get it grill-ready.

    Indoor use

    Use the Looft Lighter I to fire up your wood fireplace, stove or chimney.

    All kinds of fuel

    The Looft Lighter I lights all kinds of solid fuels such as charcoal, briquettes, wood logs, pellets and others.

    Bottle opener

    The Looft Lighter I features an integrated bottle opener in the stand - always ready to use.

    Dimensions & Specs

    Effect US: 1500 W / 120 V / 13 A / 60 Hz

    Temperature: 1100 °F (approximately 600 °C)

    Product Dimensions (L x W): 17.8 x 2.6 in (45 x 6.6 cm)

    Cord length: 9.8 feet

    Weight: 2.6 lbs

    How the Looft Lighter I works

    1. Touch

    Make a pile of charcoal and touch it with the tip of the Looft Lighter I for around 10-15 seconds

    2. Pull backwards

    Pull back the Looft Lighter I a few inches when sparks or glow appear. This will help the heat to spread throughout the charcoal pile.

    3. Continue

    Continue aiming the Looft Lighter I towards the same spot for at least 60 seconds.

    Electric charcoal starter

    The original lighter starts your fire in 60 seconds

    Indoor and outdoor

    You can use your Looft Lighter I all year around. If you’re not one of those people who barbecues in the winter, bring the Looft Lighter I inside and fire up your chimney, fireplace or hearth fire, in just 60 seconds.

    Bottle opener - Fire up hydrated

    The Looft Lighter I features an integrated bottle opener in the stand - always ready to use.

    Looft Lighter I - Original
    Manufacturer 3 Year Warranty
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