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3-Stage Horizontal Faucet Mount Chrome
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PUR 3-Stage Horizontal Faucet Mount Chrome

Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty
Pur, Like no other.

The improved, next generation of PUR faucet mounts is at your service. With a one-year warranty, high-quality construction, 1-click installation, and easy push-button removal, there's never been an easier or more reliable way to get PUR filtered water. Each PUR 3 stage filter gives you 100 gallons of clean, healthy, great-tasting water.


Enjoy healthy, great-tasting water straight from the tap with this three-stage faucet-mounted system. The horizontal faucet mount installs on any standard faucet in minutes and without tools. Its ingenious space-saving design allows for convenient access to the sink, while a handy bypass function makes it easy to quickly switch to unfiltered water when washing dishes. A built-in Automatic Safety Monitor gauge indicates how much filter life is left and automatically shows when a replacement is needed.


A filtration cartridge is included, providing advanced filtration in three stages. First, the micro filter reduces sediment, making it cleaner. Second, it reduces heavy metals (lead, mercury), chlorination by-products (TTHMs), agricultural pollutants (pesticides, herbicides), industrial pollutants (gasoline, additives), and 99.99-percent of the microbial cysts cryptosporidium and giardia, while retaining the beneficial fluoride in the water. Third, it filters the water over a bed of minerals, making it taste better. For best results, the filter should be changed every 100 gallons (approximately two to three months). The filter measures 2-1/4 by 2-1/4 by 4-1/2 inches, and the faucet mount measures approximately 3 by 5 by 6 inches and carries a five-year limited warranty.

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