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10 Secrets to Looking Better in Photos

10 Secrets to Looking Better in Photos

Between upcoming summer parties and family gatherings, it is the season of picture taking, and we’ve got you covered. We put together 10 tips to make sure you look your best in every photo. From knowing your angle to strategically placing the camera, these tips will without a doubt change the way you pose for photos. We promise after you nail these photogenic tricks you will never take an unflattering photo again. 1-Show the left side of your face. Most people know their “good side,” but usually the left side of the face is more attractive. 2-Never stand the closest to the camera from in a group shot. You’ll look disproportionately larger. Instead, position yourself on an even plane with the other people in the photo. 3-Take full-length photos from a lower angle. A lower angle visually stretches your figure, making you look taller and leaner. 4-Tilt your face slightly so you don’t face the camera from squarely. Turning your head slightly is more flattering than facing the camera straight-on because it will give your features more depth. Hello, cheekbones! 5-Take seated photos from a higher angle. When seated, ask the photographer to take the picture from above, and tilt your face up to meet the camera. This will help define your jaw. 6-Crop the photo so your body fills the entire frame. If you are the one posting the photo, crop it so your entire body fills the frame. This will create the illusion of vertical length.   7-Go for a more relaxed smile by following these simple steps before the shutter fires: close your eyes; take a deep breath; open your eyes before the shutter clicks; smile! 8-Put your tongue behind your teeth while you smile. This will help you avoid a too-wide grin. Just remember to smile with your eyes so you don’t look unhappy!   9-Look toward a light right before the photo is taken. This trick will shrink your pupils, which helps minimize the dreaded red eye. 10-Skip the “cheese” and show me the “money”.  The hard “e” sound at the end of “money” makes the corners of your mouth go up and makes your eyes crinkle, creating the effect of a genuine smile. With these tips, you will be that photogenic friend all your gal pals envy this summer!
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