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4 Tips For Keeping Your Camera Stored

Most of the time here at On the Board Walk with Beach Camera, we have advice for you on how to use your camera to take the best photos you can or how to improve your technique in a specific field of photography. However, unless you're some kind of photography machine capable of going for days and days without sleep, your camera will spend a lot of time snug in its case. So, to help you ensure that your camera rests well between sessions, we have some tips for you to try below! 1) Keep a lens or cap on - If you're shooting with a camera that has interchangeable lenses, make certain you store the camera with a lens on it or, if you remove the lens, you put the covering on the lens connector on it so that dust doesn't get in the camera body and scratch the sensor or mess up the mirrors. 2) Pop the batteries out - It's easy to accidentally run your batteries out of juice by storing your camera with it turned "on." So, take the batteries out before you put the camera away.
3) Be careful with the neckstrap - If your neckstrap has leather on it, be especially careful when storing it away. Make sure that it is dry and not creased, kinked, or knotted unless you want to deal with having the strap be perpetually tangled. Do the same with any other cords or cables you're packing away with the camera. 4) Keep your gear stable - Store your camera bag someplace where it's not going to be shaken or subjected to a lot of small vibrations. If you want to make your camera and any new gear you got over the holidays last for years to come, make certain you take time to store it away with care. That way, you can keep snapping photos for much, much longer. -- da Bird
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