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4 Tips on Capturing The Beauty of Summer In Your Photos

4 Tips on Capturing The Beauty of Summer In Your Photos

Summer is a great time to get to work on your photography. Where spring is ever-changing with its blooming flowers and unpredictable weather patterns, summer is a time of overall sameness with fields growing and greening until they go yellow near autumn. Trees have regained their leaves and flowers are bloomed and filling the air with their sweet scent. Days are longer and the sun is somewhat brighter and higher in the sky this time of year. This can pose all kinds of challenges for photographers since the sun can wreak havoc on your carefully selected camera settings. However, with our helpful summer photography tips below, you can make these challenges a relative non-issue and capture the beauty of summer to enjoy all year long! [Tweet "Capture the beauty of summer to enjoy all year long with these 4 #photography tips! #beachcamerablog"]  

1. Overexposing isn't always bad

Overexposure is something you should generally work to avoid. However, with the summer sun blazing down, overexposing your images can be tricky. Underexposing can cause your photos to show up dark or washed out. If you manage your exposure levels well, you can go up a few stops and bring out the vibrant colors of summer without making it impossible to tell what it was you were trying to photograph in the first place.

2) Filters are good

If you're taking a lot of outdoor photos, you'll want to carry around some UV and polarizing filters to help you deal with the sun. They can help you get the right exposure level and color balance in your photos without requiring you to take overly elaborate measures with shaders, light bouncers, or other means of lighting control that may not work in every setting.

Summer Photo

3) The weather doesn't have to be perfect

Sometimes overcast or cloudy weather can help you get clearer, cooler photos. Storm photography can also net you some very memorable images so long as you're careful. Don't be afraid to venture out in inclement weather (though you will want to make certain your gear is protected) and go a little off the beaten path in your pursuit of the perfect photo. [Tweet "Go a little off the beaten path in your pursuit of the perfect photo."]

Summer photo

4) Beaches are beautiful any time

Most people head to the beach this time of year which means that there is plenty of opportunity for photography of all kinds. Consider, though, zigging where everyone else is zagging and take your photos during sunrise or sunset. Experiment with different styles of photography while out on the sands and, if you have the gear, look into taking your photography underwater. The summer season is a time of vacations, travel, and a bit of leisure after the hectic winter and spring months. Take your camera with you where ever you go and use our tips to help you make the most of these magnificent months!
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