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5 Back to School Photo Inspiration Ideas

As the days get shorter, and summer vacation draws to a close, many parents are getting ready to send their kids back to school. A back to school photo is the classic way for parents to commemorate this fleeting moment in their child’s life. Looking for some inspiration or ideas on how to take better back to school photos of your kids? We hear at Beach Camera have got you covered. Here are 5 ways to take back to school photos of your kids.

Get on their Level


Kids are small, and the world they live in is very big—this presents a golden opportunity for the creative photographer to capitalize on this unique perspective and create stunning works of art. The signature move of the professional family photographer  is to “get on their level.” Since we’re focusing on the back to school theme, you might use this powerful technique to get low and look this aspiring young scholar in the eye, dressed and ready to learn with a pile of books in tow. Here’s another pro tip: kids can be shy, so use a long lens to put some distance between you and your subject and take a candid shot while they’re getting ready for school.

Over the Shoulder

This artsy shot involves expanding upon the “get on their level” technique and attempting to view the world from the child’s eyes, right over their shoulder. Take photographs of your kids as they pack their bags with books, or take a shot over the shoulder as they board the school bus for their first day back to school. As an added bonus, you can take a candid shot of your kids without them fidgeting or noticing your presence. It works great on toddlers and teenagers alike.

Document the Moment with the Right Prop

back to school

A common theme in back to school photos is to use objects reminiscent of the traditional school experience. Try posing your subject with an apple in one hand and a text book in the other. The backpack over the shoulder is a universal favorite among parents. If you’ve got more than one child, you can line them up by age and take a nice contrasting photograph from behind, with the youngest one’s backpack barely bigger than they are.

Use Text to Make your Photos POP!

Back to School Photo Inspiration Ideas - Beach Camera Blog

In addition to the typical apples, textbooks and backpack shots, why not document your child’s future aspiration by having them hold up a mini chalkboard sign with their dream job scrawled across it. Alternatively you could take the school spirit a step further and write an inspirational chalk message onto the pavement and have them lie next to it. There are many ways to get inventive and set up the perfect back to school shot.

Document their First Day

What better way is there to commemorate your son or daughter’s first day back to school with a snapshot of them meeting their teacher for the first time. It’s very likely that your teacher will be more than happy to help you provide a creative shot. If your kids are a little older, another great idea is to take advantage of perspective photography to capture them as they board the bus, a bag slung over one shoulder, ready to take on the world. Take candid shots as you please, but be aware that you might need to rely on that fast zoom lens to capture their natural expression. We hope these back to school photo inspiration ideas help you capture the perfect moment! Take one each year and your little ones (once they're not so little) will love seeing how they grew each year!  
Back to School Photo Inspiration Ideas - Beach Camera Blog
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