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7 Macro Photography Ideas to Try at Home

7 Macro Photography Ideas to Try at Home

Close-up and macro photography allows you to look at ordinary objects in an entirely new angle. We’ve put together 7 creative close-up macro photography ideas you can practice today without leaving
Household Objects
"Look for simple household objects to use for your macro photography ideas around the house. Take a look at what you have in your linen closet. The fabric of cloth napkins or tablecloths will look amazing as a close-up taken with your Canon Macro lens from The best part is that you can create additional patterns and textures with the fabric by creating creases, folds or simply letting it fall naturally onto a surface. A household object as mundane as a TV remote control will help you explore a variety of lines and shapes that will look awesome as macro images. Try other objects too. Pens, cotton swabs, headphones or a keyboard are all household objects that will work for macro photography.

Macro Photography of Flowers
Use soft lighting for macro flower photography. Direct sunlight is the worst light you can use for flower photography. The harsh lighting creates washed-out colors and strong shadows which chop up the petal lines of your flowers. Overcast days are best since soft, even lighting is best for flowers. Soft lighting will preserve the natural color and texture of the petals so that the true beauty of the flower is captured. Just imagine how many amazing macro photography shots you can take with just a vase. Besides the flowers in it with their vibrant colors and textures, the vase itself is a great object to shoot.


Everyday Objects
Unusual macro photography ideas don’t have to include any specific items. Just take a bunch of random everyday objects and experiment with them using your Tamron Macro lens from Pile them up, lay them out or simply hold them in your hands. Simple writing tools like crayons or colored pencils, can take center stage of your macro images. Arrange these everyday objects into patterns or simply zoom onto the tip of a single pencil.

crayon macro

Insect Macro
Make these creatures your tiny models. Macro photographers love shooting insects. There are so many insects around the house and in your backyard. This means that you can take hundreds or even thousands of photos with your macro lens without repeating yourself.

macro photography

Macro Photography of Eyes
The human eye is something you’d never think to shoot, until you get a Macro Lens. The level of detail and imagination you can capture shooting macro photography of eyes never gets old. And since every eye is different, there are endless people to shoot. The best way to shoot macro photography of eyes is near a window with a lot of natural light coming through. Find the right angle so that the eye isn’t consumed with reflections from the light.

Water Droplets
Discover the magic of water droplet imaging. This isn’t about taking pictures of plants with water sprayed on it. This refers to shooting through a single or a few droplets of water to frame something special beyond it. Carefully use a syringe to place a drop of water on something like a petal. Then position a single light source so that most of the light falls on the flower and a small amount spills over onto the petal. Position your camera so that you’re looking through the droplet to the flower beyond. You’ll find that f/8 – f/11 works best and helps avoid uneven softness of the flower caused by the shape of the water droplet. That’s it!

macro photography

Macro Sand
One of the best ways to create more intimate macro photos is to capture patterns. One of the best patterns you can find is ripples in the sand. Sidelight is great for enhancing textures like this. So wait until late in the day when the sun is low in the sky. The light will hit the sand from the sky and make the ripples even more present. Boost the warmth of golden sands by selecting a warmer color temperature like your camera’s Cloudy or Shade preset. Here are 7 amazing ideas for simple macro photography ideas you can try anytime at home.
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