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A Special Mother’s Day Photoshoot

A Special Mother’s Day Photoshoot

Mother’s Day is here! It’s such a wonderful day for moms. It’s an extraordinary twenty-four hours where we celebrate family, love, and all other moms around the world, too! One way to spend time with family on Mother’s Day is by getting the gang all together and taking some special Mother’s Day family photos. This will give mom some great family photos to frame and place around her home or even make into an album.

Generation Photos
Celebrate the essence of motherhood with the generation of mothers in your family with a single Mother’s Day family photo. If you can’t get everyone together due to the quarantine, have each person take a picture with a similar background and email the photo to you to work your editing skills. If all generations are together, you can show all generations of your family in one picture with a single photo by taking four different pictures with your Nikon camera and lenses from Take a Mother’s Day photo of each mom holding a framed photo of their child. Then take a photo of the next generation holding a framed photo of that photo, etc. until the oldest generation is holding a framed photo of all generations! Your mother, grandmother and everyone around will love this Mother’s Day family photo idea.

Matching from Head to Toe
It will be great to see a mother and daughter duo dressed up exactly the same from head to toe. Let them be playful, take a stroll outside and keep capturing the fun moments between them. This photo will make the perfect happy Mother’s Day photo.


Dancing Around in the Light
Capture mother-daughter, or mother-son dancing. Capture the pair against the lighting so this will be somewhat like a silhouette Mother’s Day photography photo. It will look truly candid and unique. Make sure that you take picture in the evening against the setting sun for the best silhouette effect.

mothers photoshoot

Go on a Family Picnic Head outdoors after mom opens her Mother’s Day gifts from Enjoy the day and sun outside with a nice picnic! Even if you can’t make it further than your own backyard, it makes a wonderful setting for some candid Mother’s Day family photos.

A Day in the Life
Some of the best shots of a real “Mom’ life are the ones where no one is looking at the camera. You get to see mom interacting with her children. It’s a good way for mom to see how palpable the bond is between them. She rarely gets to see it because she’s too busy LIVING it! A good Mother’s Day family photo to take is of mom sitting down on a blanket with her kiddos snuggled around her. It works because you can get everyone nice and close for this happy Mother’s Day photo.

Getting moms in front of the camera is so important. They’re usually the ones behind the camera taking pictures of our loved ones. It’s a special treat to actually get IN the frame for a change for some Mother’s Day family photos.
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