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Action Cameras for Summer

Action Cameras for Summer

Summer is the time for outdoor adventures. Do your adventures include some epic water adventures like whitewater rafting, cliff diving, surfing or snorkeling? Maybe your adventurous side includes activities that keep your feet dry like hiking, biking, skateboarding or mountain climbing. Even if your summer adventures don’t take you past your backyard swimming pool, swing set, trampoline, or hammock, if you didn’t record it, did it really even happen? You need a camera that will capture your summer adventures whether you’re snorkeling in the Caribbean, climbing to the top of Mount McKinley in Alaska, or tossing a Frisbee in your backyard. Here are some of the best action cameras for summer adventures.

 Budget-Friendly Action Camera
If you’re searching for an action camera that will help you see yourself riding the waves like a GoPro at a fraction of the cost, check out the Akaso EK7000 Ultra HD 4K WIFI 170 Degree Wide Waterproof Sports Action Camera from Just pop on the waterproof housing that comes with the EK7000 action camera and you’re ready for any underwater adventure! There are more buttons on this action camera making it easier to use than a GoPro. The up and down arrow buttons are found on the side of the action camera. The power button is located on the front of the Akaso EK7000 action camera. Use this button to change the action camera modes as well. Use the large screen on the back of this action camera for live view, playback and simple menu operation. Connect to this action camera for summer using the iSmart DV app to start and stop recording as you preview what the lens is seeing. You can also adjust the resolutions and shooting modes as well as view your photos. This action camera comes with a splash proof wireless remote that you can wear around your wrist or place on a selfie stick.


Compact Action Camera
If you prefer an action camera along the lines of a “regular” camera with optical image stabilization, the Nikon COOLPIX W300 Waterproof Digital Camera is simple to operate so you can focus on catching the moment this summer instead of worrying about the settings. This rugged action camera can withstand a drop from 2.4 meters. Waterproof to a depth of 30 meters, this action camera is ready for your snorkeling excursions and swimming pool shenanigans. The W300 action camera has a 5x optical zoom, a 24-120mm equivalent f2.8-4.9 lens, and a 16 Megapixel back illuminated sensor. This action camera for summer also comes with built-in GPS, a barometer for your mountain climbing altitude readings and depth data for scuba diving, and an electronic compass. The W300 has an Action Control button that allows you to shake or tap the action camera to make menu selections.

360-Degree Camera
What could possibly be more thrilling than returning home from your summer adventure and watching the 3D 360 videos you took of those adventures? That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with the Vuze VR 3D 360-Degree Camera from This fairly flat action camera device has 2 cameras on each of the four sides that work together much like human eyes to record spherical 3D footage of your summer adventures. The VUZE VR records 4K footage at 30fps. The four internal microphones capture excellent audio. A must-have for today’s increased storage demands, the Vuze comes with a microSD card slot for recording your action footage. The Vuze VR also comes with a standard tripod mount. You can attach your handheld grip or a mini tripod to this mount. Don’t let the terminology 3D and 360-degree make you nervous. The Vuze VR is simple to use. It has two buttons on top: a power button and a record button. Get the new Vuze VR and start live streaming your summer adventures today!


Choose one of these action cameras to take along on all of your summer adventures.

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