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Autumn Landscape Photography Techniques

Autumn Landscape Photography Techniques

The first day of fall has just passed, and for many photographers, the fun is about to begin! Autumn tends to be the favorite season for landscape photographers. The vibrant colors of the transformed landscapes make for epic photos. Here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing during the changing season.

When to Shoot
No doubt, you’ll have your fair share of dull and gray days to shoot your landscape photos in the autumn. However, you’d like to capture the contrast of those bright yellow and orange trees against the blue sky too. The problem with those shots is that the light can become harsh quickly on a shorter fall day. You may want to choose to shoot those images with your DSLR from during the golden hours. Fortunately, you’ll have a little more time during the Autumn because the golden hours last a little longer due to the angle of the sunlight.


Include Water
Try to capture the vivid autumn foliage reflections in water. If you are trying to shoot reflections on a sunny day, use a polarizer. This will increase the color saturation, and give a more dramatic effect to the autumn colors. If you find a swiftly moving stream, or a rushing waterfall in the middle of your fall scene, a telephoto lens will come in very handy for zooming in on your reflected colors.


Bring on the Clouds
Using a clear blue sky as the background to your autumn landscape images can appear boring. Add some depth to your autumn images by including some fluffy clouds to your background. If you are shooting during the golden hour, you may luck into the addition of some added shades of purple and pink to add to your autumn color palette.


Capture Autumn’s Glow
Use backlighting to create glowing leaves on the autumn trees. Simply position yourself at an angle towards the light and conceal the sun using a tree trunk or branch. Add a ½ stop to your exposure until you achieve the desired look.

It’s all in the Details
Everyone can take a picture of a tree, or a pile of leaves on the ground. As a landscape photographer, look for the details everyone else would miss. Look for the single red leaf resting on the rock in the middle of the babbling stream. Find the one tree covered in bright yellow leaves in the middle of the forest of green pines with your drone from Create unique autumn landscape photography images by taking the time to search for the details most people would walk right past.


The opportunities to capture amazing autumn landscape images are endless. Autumn offers such a wide variety of colorful landscapes. It’s easy to see why autumn is the pick of seasons for most landscape photographers.      
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