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Awesome Photography Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Awesome Photography Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Photography, today, is nothing less than a form of art. People use it for different purposes including manufacturing, business, education, science, mass communication, recreation, and hobby. The science of photography has a distinctive history of its own. Here’s a list of 15 interesting facts about photography we bet you didn’t know.

Interesting fact about photography #1
Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, a French scientist, was the first person ever to take a photograph. He captured the image with the aid of a camera obscura in 1826. That image took nearly 8 hours to capture because of the long exposure requirements of the camera.

Interesting fact about photography #2
The most expensive camera ever was sold at an auction in Vienna. It was a Leica-0-Series camera, a 1923 prototype of the ground-breaking Leica A. It sold for $2.8 Million! Don’t worry, you certainly don’t have to spend millions to get a quality action camera from!

Interesting fact about photography #3
Robert Cornelius, a Chemist and an enthusiastic photographer, was the first person ever to click a selfie in the year 1839. The back of the photograph reads, “The first light picture ever taken". Use the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal from to snap your own selfies this winter.
Interesting fact about photography #4
The first popular camera made was a regular studio camera. It stood on a tripod and used glass-made photographic plates. Soon afterward, came the “point and shoot” box camera. These cameras were widely produced to meet the growing demands of the masses. Then, in 1922, Kodak came up with a compact folding camera to make cameras more practical to use. After that, around 135 pentaprism cameras, film cameras, and Polaroid instant cameras came to the market. And then, with the introduction of digital imagery and personal computers, we stepped into the digital world. Today, most of us possess a mobile phone with a built-in camera, or some type of digital camera.

Interesting fact about photography #5
James Clark Maxwell, a popular physicist from Scotland, took the first ever colored photograph in the year 1861. The subject was a simple ribbon.

Interesting fact about photography #6
The chemicals used in photograph developments included extremely dangerous chemicals like Mercury, Lye, Silver nitrate, and more. Many photographers had to take time off between their work as a result of illness due to exposure. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals resulted in madness and even deaths in extreme circumstances.


Interesting fact about photography #7
The first digital camera was invented by Steve Sasson way back in 1975.

Interesting fact about photography #8 T
he world’s first digital camera was only 0.01 Megapixel and had an incredible weight of 3.6kg. It took the camera more than 20 seconds to transfer the image to the tape.

Interesting fact about photography #9
The world’s first 35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera was introduced by

Interesting fact about photography #10
Apple released its first digital camera in the year 1994. It was called the Apple Quicktake and was designed by Kodak.

Interesting fact about photography #11
We take more photos every 2 minutes than all of humanity did in the 18th Century! By the time you were throwing your “the world’s about to end” party on New Year’s Eve of 1999, the world had taken 80 billion images. Now, we share almost 10 times that amount of images each year on Facebook alone. While nobody loves photography facts enough to actually sit down and estimate the total amount of photographs we take each year, we do know that we take more photos every 2 minutes than the entire population of the Earth did throughout the 1800s.

Interesting fact about photography #12
The first flashes were mini-explosions of a mix of potassium chloride and aluminum. Unfortunately, when you mix potassium chloride and aluminum incorrectly, you get a huge explosion.

Interesting fact about photography #13
Facebook has 10,000 times the number of photos as the US Library of Congress.


Interesting fact about photography #14
Everyone has a “Good Side;” It’s the left side of your face. An interesting photography facts study by Wake Forest University found that people think the left side of your face is more attractive. The reason is that the left sides of our faces exhibit more emotion.

Interesting fact about photography #15
Lenses produce a circular image. Because photos are rectangular it's easy to forget that lenses produce circular images. The edges of the circle aren't used.


From the first selfie ever taken to the most expensive camera ever sold, these are some of the most interesting, amusing and educating things to know about photography.
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