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Best Camera Bags & Cases

Best Camera Bags & Cases

Are you a newbie photographer just learning how to use the basic settings on your new camera? Maybe you’re just an amateur photographer who shoots beautiful landscapes on your yearly vacation trips. Are Friday night football games and dance recitals more your thing? Or are you a professional photographer with a full calendar of 2-3 photoshoots scheduled six days per week? Whatever your level of photography, a good quality camera bag should be at the top of your list of accessories. You’ll find a range of camera bag styles to carry and protect your cameras, lenses, laptop and many other pieces of photography gear and accessories that need to be with you on your photography travels. We’ll cover simple camera bags to carry a single camera to backpacks that can carry your gear with you anywhere, to cases for action cameras to accompany you on your wildest adventures.

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Starting Small
If you’re looking for something simple to protect your compact camera, you might opt for a simple case like this Nikon Neoprene Case. It’s the perfect size for smaller cameras like the Nikon Coolpix. These smaller cases are perfect if you are looking for a way to protect your compact camera as you toss it in your purse or pocket in between photo ops. Need a little extra protection for your lens? Try the 8” Vivitar Neoprene Lens Pouch w/ Hook. When you’re not using your lens, just place it inside this waterproof pouch and hook it on your camera case or belt loop.

Holster Bags
If you’re always hauling around your DSLR with its attached lens from place to place, you’re probably going to be interested in a holster bag. This type of camera bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, like the Vivitar Polyester Medium Gadget Bag from, carries your DSLR and attached lens. It isn’t’ made to carry your other multiple accessories. Usually carry a larger telephoto lens attached to your DSLR? Opt for the large bag. This camera bag comes with 2 pockets for carrying small electronic accessories.

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If you are an avid travel photographer, a camera backpack is a great choice to carry all your gear. Camera backpacks are very popular because of their functionality. Depending on your needs, you have a large variety from which to choose. There are small sling camera backpacks designed to carry a DSLR with a single standard zoom lens when you are traveling light. Need to carry a little more gear on your travels? Choose the larger Deco Gear Photo Camera Sling Backpack for Cameras and Accessories Fits 15-Inch Laptops from to take along your laptop, more lenses and flash units on your trip. For even more added convenience, grab a camera backpack with built-in wheels. These rolling camera bags are the perfect way to protect your gear on land and in air.

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Action Camera Cases
Do a lot of photography with your action camera? Even if you’re in the habit of strapping your action camera on your forehead as you climb up the highest peaks, or hold it while diving into the deepest lagoons, your action camera isn’t 100% indestructible. It’s a good idea to store your action camera or GoPro in a sturdy hard-shelled case. This will minimize the risk of damage when traveling to your newest destination.

All you have left to do now, is choose the camera bag that is perfect for your photography needs!
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