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Best Computers for Photo Editing

Best Computers for Photo Editing

All the gifts have been unwrapped, and the families have returned home. You captured all of the amazing memories of Christmas 2020 with your camera. It’s time to sit down and edit all of those merry memories. You’re going to need a computer to edit those high-resolution photos. Here are some of the best computers for photo editing, along with the best monitors to help you achieve the best image quality.

Best PC for Photo Editing
If you are looking for a PC to fill all your editing needs, there are a few things you will need to have on your shopping list. Put a powerful integrated GPU on the list. A high-end graphics card also needs to be at the top of your list so you’re prepared to do video editing. It’s not unusual to have a few images or even programs open at one time when editing. The best computer for photo editing needs to have at least 8GB of RAM or higher to accomplish this. To save you from installing extra hard drives at a later date, buying a PC with at least 1TB of storage is a great place to start. No matter which PC you choose for your photo editing needs, don’t forget to invest in a monitor. If you are editing on a screen with washed out colors, or that is too bright, your printed images may not turn out the way you hoped. Choose a monitor with a wide color gamut like the Deco Gear 34” Curved Ultrawide with more than 16.7 million colors!  If you are a professional photographer, or an aspiring one, go for an IPS panel like the LG 34” FreeSync IPS Monitor UltraWide with HDR 10 from for impeccable color accuracy.

Best Laptop for Photo Editing
Desktop PCs are great when it’s time to edit those photos you took over the holidays. But the best computers for photo editing in the field are laptops. Even better, today’s laptops have as much power as PCs for photo editing. You can also expect the same image quality from these laptops for photo editing. The same adequate amount of RAM and storage is available on quality laptops for photo editing so you can run the photo editing apps with ease. Laptops for photo editing are great for when you’re shooting and trying to edit on-the-go. But you should also consider purchasing a good monitor to edit with when at home or the studio. Most of your laptops for photo editing won’t have screens any larger than 17-inches. Having a much larger monitor, like the LG 29” UltraWide Full HD IPS LED FreeSync Monitor from for editing will make your hours spent in front of the screen editing much easier!


Once you decide which computer is best for your photo editing needs, a PC or laptop, don’t forget to add the external monitor to make your photo editing mind-blowing!
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