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Best Tamron Lenses

Best Tamron Lenses

You have your camera and kit lens. Now it’s time to broaden your photography horizons and see what a new Tamron lens, or two, can do for your photography expertise. Here are the best Tamron lenses for some of the most popular photography genres. Choose the Tamron lens that fits your photography style and needs.

Travel Photography Lenses
If you shoot a lot of photos around town, while traveling the world, or hiking the mountain trails, you want a kit that is as lightweight and as portable as possible. The ideal setup for travel photography would include two Tamron lenses from Some type of Tamron zoom lens and a Tamron 35mm lens. If you have a standard zoom, you will be able to shoot wide-angle landscapes and faraway objects. A superzoom or ultra-telephoto lens like the Tamron 18-400 all-in-One Zoom Lens will also let you zoom right in on distant objects to capture all the details. A compact 35mm prime lens will take care of candid shots you want to take of people and places. It’s the perfect lens for street photography! The Tamron 35mm F/2.8 for Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras will give you an increased field of view while maintaining the sharpness you would expect in your travel and everyday images.


Landscape Lenses
Autumn brings out the landscape photographer in all of us. Everything from a forest full of colorful treetops to the already snow covered mountaintops, the lenses you’ll need to capture these beautiful scenes are similar to the ones used for travel photography. The best lenses for capturing wide vistas are Tamron wide-angle zooms. But sometimes you really just want to zoom in with Tamron's standard zoom lens to capture some of the details. Shooting a mountain scene? Try using a Tamron telephoto lens to create a grand image.


Vlogging and Video Lenses
We all use our cameras for more than just shooting still shots. Photographers have branched out into using cameras for videoing and vlogging. The Tamron 18-400mm All-In-One Zoom Lens for Canon Mount or for Nikon Mount  are great choices for vlogging. These do-it-all lenses have a focal range to cover pretty much anything a vlogger will need. From wide to mid-telephoto, you’ll be ready for anything with these lightweight lenses.

Sports and Wildlife Lenses
Chances are if you are shooting at a sporting event, you’re going to be sitting in the bleachers or standing along the sideline. Unless you are paying top dollar for a private wildlife photography tour, you probably won’t be getting up close and personal with the bears and tigers you photograph either. That’s why you want to have a Tamron 70-180mm Telephoto Lens from so you can capture everything from winning touchdown passes to mountain goats climbing on the side of the cliff. 

Tamron lenses help to unlock your camera’s capabilities. Start off with two or three of these favorite Tamron lenses to unleash your creative abilities.
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