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Why Should You Buy a Mirrorless Camera?

Why Should You Buy a Mirrorless Camera?


A mirrorless camera is like a compact digital camera—but with some key DSLR features. Because of its unique functionality, it has become quite popular with both amateur and professional photographers. Compact, powerful, and intuitive, the mirrorless camera is in many ways the best of both worlds. However, we’ll show you some advantages it has over a DSLR and some tips for using it.

Advantages of going mirrorless Size
Mirrorless cameras like the Sony a7R II are generally smaller than their DSLR peers. Taking the mirror out means that the lens can be mounted closer to the sensor.  This helps reduce the size of the system.


All mirrorless cameras assess focus from their imaging sensor rather than a separate module. This making them more accurate and consistent, especially when focusing wide-aperture lenses. The ability to track and maintain focus on an eye even on a moving subject, also helps make autofocus one of mirrorless's strengths.

The most obvious advantage of mirrorless cameras is that there isn't a mirror blocking the sensor. This means that unlike a DSLR, you don't have to completely change the way that the camera works in order to shoot video. You can continue to use the same means of previewing and shooting when you switch from stills to video.

Tips for using your mirrorless camera Boost battery life
With typically smaller-sized batteries and more power-hungry operation through their LCD screens and electronic viewfinders, you might only be able to shoot 300 frames or so. All with single battery even on pro-level mirrorless cameras. So, what can you do? Well, having a spare battery in your kit bag is one option. It’s helpful to also know what operations and features drain your battery quickly. One of the main culprits is an over-reliance on autofocus. That’s not to say you should turn this off, but it’s worth thinking about when you have your finger constantly held down on the shutter-release button to pre-focus on a subject. Other things to look out for are overly bright LCD screens and EVFs, together with GPS systems. Continuously charging up a battery when it's barely depleted also doesn't help.

Create an all-silent mode for easy recall
One of the great advantages of many mirrorless cameras like the Sony a6400 4K Mirrorless Camera from over DSLRs is that they can be set to shoot silently, making them easier to use when you need to be discreet. This is largely due to the use of electronic shutters rather than mechanical ones to capture the image. Also because there is no mirror swinging up and down. Don’t forget about the AF-assist lamp, focus-confirmation beeps and operational sounds. Instead of setting each one every time you want to shoot discreetly, consider saving them under a custom setting for easy recall. That way, whenever a moment presents itself and you want to shoot on the sly, all you might need to do is to twist your camera’s mode dial.

Adjust eye-sensor sensitivity
Many mirrorless cameras offer viewfinders with eye-sensors. This lets them automatically alternate between this and the rear display as you move your face to and from the camera. Buying your new camera should be an exciting experience. If you’re looking at mirrorless cameras, this is some useful information to remember.
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