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Can’t Miss Summer Photography Ideas

Can’t Miss Summer Photography Ideas

Summer is here again! It’s time to start thinking about all the creative photography ideas you can shoot while capturing summer memories. Here are some summer photography ideas to help you take advantage of the great weather, long hours of sunlight, and all the fun activities available to capture this summer.

Time for a Picnic
Picnics in the park or in an open field go hand-in-hand with summer. It’s a great time to enjoy quiet time with that special someone or play time with the kids. Either way, picnics also offer the multiple opportunities for summer photography. If your focus is portrait photography, there’s no better time to capture the authentic emotions of your subjects than while laughing and eating together during a summer picnic. Capture every aspect of your summer picnic from the kids playing to the breathtaking scenery by taking along your drone from


Capture the Sunlight
Take advantage of the bright sunshine and longer days by carrying your camera along with you whenever you go outside. Take photographs of everything the summer sun touches. Capture the sunlight as it shines through the leaves of the trees. Look for the bright sunlight as it bounces off of shiny objects like windows and bicycle wheels as they pass by. Capture the drops of water as they fall from the fountains in the parks, or spray up from the sprinklers as the kids run through. Capture the golden rays of sunshine in the everyday settings of summer.

One of the most popular symbols of summer captured in photographs are bubbles! There are so many summer photography ideas to use shooting with bubbles. Anything from serious portrait photography, to candid shots of the kids, to creative still life photos can be captured using bubbles. When using bubbles in your portrait photography, try having your model blow the bubbles either directly at your waterproof camera, or shoot side shots. You can also simply use a large bubble wand to create a whimsical backdrop full of large bubbles. This is a creative use for photographing still life as well. Want to test out your creativity? Capture your model’s face or a landscape scene inside a bubble!


You won’t have to look far to find dandelions blooming somewhere this summer. Shoot them right where you find them with your Fujifilm Instax from, or pick some to create arrangements in your studio. If you’re photographing dandelion puffballs, try using a small amount of hairspray to help keep their form.


Summer Sports
Photographing summer sporting activities played against the sunlit skies can create powerful images. Use your action camera to photograph fast-paced activities from beach volleyball to a pick-up game of neighborhood basketball. If possible, shoot this summer photography during the golden hour for the most dramatic results. If you live near the ocean, take your action camera to the beach to capture the surfers riding the waves. Strap on your action camera while you snorkel or play in the waves yourself afterwards.


Grab your camera and incorporate these summer photography ideas into your summer

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