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Canon Powershot V10-Vlog Camera

Canon Powershot V10-Vlog Camera

Canon Powershot V10-Vlog Camera

Hello Vloggers, my old friends. Today we would like to discuss the The Canon Powershot V10. This new camera is designed specifically for vlogging and content creators. This video camera, with it’s powerful 4K/30p, Full HD 60p video recording and 20MP JPEG images, this little camera offers a different user experience to all-purpose cameras or even mirrorless cameras designed as vlogging cameras from the likes of Sony (like the Sony ZV), Fujifilm, Nikon and Panasonic in such a smallrig form factor. 

The 15.2-megapixel still photo shooting and 13.1 megapixels for video shooting, plus the 1-inch CMOS sensor captures high video quality and image quality with Auto Photo mode ensuring every pixel counts.

The compact camera Canon PowerShot V10 is a vlog and still camera with it’s form factor with components from the popular G-Series line that lets you create impressive videos on-the-go. Coupled with stereo sound capture. In fact this great Powershot V10-Vlog Camera can be compared to some smartphones like the iPhone or Android, in terms of it’s quick point and shoot for vlogging needs. Just tap on the record button and your off.

A built-in stand, and easy live streaming, which allows a tilt of up to 180 degrees, adds to the accessories and specs. This compact camera is lightweight at just about 7.41 oz. is easy to carry around. Don’t be mislead by it’s form factor or size, this is a vlogging dream in a compact package that can be operated with one hand for ease of use.

As vlogging continues to grow, having the ability to livestream and vlog with such a unique camera will make your friends envious. In fact when the images from these are seen, we feel that you may have a hard time trying to keep the camera for your use as opposed to theirs.

General Specs

  • Digic X processor found on higher end Canon EOS DSLR cameras. which gives it it’s snappy performance.

  • The Canon PowerShot V10 comes with a built-in stand.  This convenient feature allows you to place the camera virtually anywhere to get the image quality you need.  It can lean the camera back or forward with 30 degrees of angle for both. A tri-pod is always an option to increase viewing angle.

  • Sound is imperative when vlogging. Therefore Canon has included two large stereo microphones to capture voices clearly, and a third microphone to help cancel out unwanted sounds. It’s all right in your hands without the need for an abundance of accessories to achieve this.

  • With the 1” CMOS sensor, image quality will look great, even in low light! The built-in subject detection helps to keep your face in focus and well-lit. 

  • The Canon Powershot V10 also has image stabilization, exposure control, Movie auto level, smooth skin movie mode, a built-in automatic ND-filter which is a neutral density filter is a filter that's minimizes the amount of light that enters your camera's lens. This helps the camera from using really fast shutter speeds which can lead to a shaky unstable Vlogging session.

  • Canon’s PowerShot V10 has 14 color filters built-in so you can change the mood and ambiance to fit the scene in which you are shooting. 

  • The default image and video recording on the Canon PowerShot V10 captures video horizontally, but what if you want to take a vertical shot? It’s as simple as turning the camera on its side and it will automatically change the aspect ratio to vertical.

  • Movie digital IS (image stabilization) or movie auto level can be used during movie recording. However when in Movie Digital IS mode the lens cannot be combined with digital zoom. Digital Zoom is available but conversely cannot be used when in Movie Digital IS mode.

  • Taking a selfie? Just flip the Camera around and snap away. Throw in some of the 14 included color filters for processing and you’ve got a great selfie.

  • Built in UVC (USB Video Class) support, therefore your camera can even act as web camera without the need for any additional drivers (refer to peripherals user manuals if attached to ensure UVC compatibility.

  • Video calls can be made when attaching the camera via the USBC cable to your PC with the correct software.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 4 are included in the camera for connectivity. Utilizing Wi-Fi N or Wi-Fi 4 you will be able to access networks protected by WEP to WPA3 Personal. However, as WPA3 provides an extremely less hackable security authentication, we highly recommend connecting to a network with WPA3.

  • Slot for a micro SD card slot which is compatible with UHS-I, microSD, micro SDHC, and micro SDXC memory cards for storage.

  • 2.0” LCD touchscreen for easily viewing what you are photographing.

  • Record each word you say clearly with large built-in stereo microphones. A wind filter helps to make sure that you are heard even in some inclement weather.

    Canon Powershot V10-Vlog Camera

Video and Stills

  • Wide Angle Lens with Digital Zoom

  • The focal length during video recording at Full HD, 16:9 - 6.6 mm (Approx. 19 mm equivalent, 35mm format equivalent). During Still photo shooting the focal length is - 6.6 mm (Approx. 18 mm equivalent, 35mm format equivalent)

  • 3 aspherical lenses with 6 surfaces a great lens for this niche product and price point.

  • Video Recording at 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) at 30 FPS and FHD (Full HD 1920x1080p) up to 60 FPS. Video Recording will cease once the time limit for each movie has been reached (Please refer to the user manual for your specific needs).

  • Depending on the size of your jpeg the number of video shots can range from 2,880 to 15,630!!

  • Manual ISO speed for still photos is not configurable. However on the autofocus the ISO Auto range for still photos is 125–12800

  • ISO speed for movie shooting in Full HD is 125–6400 when shooting in 4K the ISO range is 125–3200. Lower ISO is better for brighter situations and higher ISO is more suited for dim or nighttime recording. This applies to both video and image recording.

  • A customized setting screen for your video recordings and still images can be accessed by pressing and holding the Comm/ Multi-Access button on the camera.

    Canon Powershot V10-Vlog Camera

Vlog Away

Canon announced this great little digital camera in May 2023 for pre-order in June. A Warranty from Canon Cameras is included.

Vloggers are going to want this cute camera studio combination. Just getting your vlogging career off the ground, or maybe your just an enthusiast who likes to Vlog as a hobby. Of course, we need to discuss livestreaming and accessibility to social media sites that you may want to put your creative content on.

Utilizing the USB-C or HDMI you can connect the Canon Powershot V10 to a large TV or monitor for larger viewing as opposed to using the LCD screen. Wait until you get a opportunity to show yourself, friends and family your Vlog on a big screen TV. They will love what this niche camera can do.

Made specifically for Vloggers and Content Creators the Canon Powershot V10 Vlog camera connects with some of your favorite social media apps to upload your content to. Using the Canon Camera Connect App via Wi-Fi 2.4 ghz band to social media apps like TikTok, Youtube Live or Facebook live your content can easily be shared to suit your needs. It’s a great webcam with simple plug and play. And don’t forget by turning the camera around you can take a selfie Vlog.

Grab that wrist strap or just slip this lightweight small digital camera in your pocket and you are off and ready to get to your vlogging.


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