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Canon’s New Releases

Canon’s New Releases

Are you in the market for some new professional grade camera gear to begin your summer photo sessions? Look no further! Canon has the new releases you need to cover all your photography needs during the upcoming busy season. Check out Canon’s new releases to decide which gear you need to push your creative boundaries.

Canon EOS R3
Canon is about to release its most powerful mirrorless camera yet. The Canon EOS R3 Professional Full Frame Mirrorless Camera from is the perfect addition to your kit if you’re looking for the fastest speed and toughest camera body. With a top shooting speed of 30fps, you won’t miss a thing when shooting fast action sports or wildlife. With the Deep Learning that will be incorporated by the Dual Pixel CMOS AF, you’ll also be able to track eyes, heads and bodies at super-fast speeds as well. All of this will be made possible with high-speed read-out with low distortion caused by the new back-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor on this new release Canon R3. The positioning of the front-facing buttons and the built-in portrait grip make this Canon R3 great for portrait photography too. The new release Canon EOS R3 is the ideal high-speed mirrorless camera for professional photographers.


RF Lenses
You’ve chosen the best Canon mirrorless camera, the EOS R3, now choose the best interchangeable RF lenses to go with it.
Canon RF Macro
Take your Macro photography to the next level with the new release Canon RF 100mm F2.8 L Macro IS USM from This is the first medium telephoto macro lens from Canon that offers a maximum magnification ratio of 1.4x. That means this all-new design will project images onto the camera sensor 1.4x larger than life-size. Use the dedicated spherical aberration control ring to change the bokeh style. The new release RF macro lens offers 5 stops of optical image stabilization. Pair this with 5-axis in-body image stabilization found in newer EOS R bodies, this number will increase to 8 stops. This amount of shake correction is vital with macro photography. The customizable control ring on the Canon RF 100mm macro lens will give you direct access to aperture, ISO and exposure settings. You’ll also be able to turn image stabilization on and off on the lens barrel. This new release macro lens has a Super Spectra Coating to eliminate flare and ghosting when shooting in bright light. The Canon RF 100mm Macro IS USM will be the perfect addition to your professional macro photography.


Super Telephoto Lenses
Canon is also releasing two RF mount super telephoto lenses for those times you need to get closer to your subjects that are very far away. If you shoot sports or wildlife, the RF 400mm F2.8L IS USM and RF 600mm F/4L IS USM are the best lenses when you won’t settle for anything but the best! Just like the new RF macro lens, these new RF super telephoto lenses have the Super Spectra Coating that will reduce ghosting and flare. Image stabilization on these RF telephoto lenses are bumped up a little more than the RF macro to 5.5 stops. Of course your super telephoto lens used for outdoor photography would be useless without a form of weather-resistance. The RF 400mm and RF 600mm both come with fluorine coatings. The customizable electronic focusing ring on the RF 400mm and RF 600mm is a useful feature allowing you to set up two pre-sets. This will be extremely helpful with sports photography when trying to quickly focus on different parts of the playing field during a play.


Canon’s new releases will open up your professional photography to endless creative possibilities.
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