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Capture Your Perfect Summer with Your Drone

Capture Your Perfect Summer with Your Drone

With the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day, in the books, it’s time to get out your drone and work on your summertime photography fix. If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further. Here are some great suggestions for making fun summer photographs from a drone’s vantage point.


Beach Photos
Islands and beaches offer abundant ocean resources and magnificent photographic inspiration. Here are the essential photography and videography tips to help you make the most of your tropical paradise this summer.

Use Water Surfaces to Create Unique Reflections
Vast water surfaces, like an ocean, reflect everything above it to create mesmerizing compositions. During sunrise or sunset, this effect gives you beach photos that look like beautifully constructed oil paintings. To achieve this effect, you must first ensure there are stable winds and then proceed to place the horizon in the middle of your frame. Turn the contrast settings up a notch to really bring those colors alive.

Use the Texture of Waves
The texture of waves reflects light and creates unique compositions. Keep the sun in the center of your image. For the perfect composition, focus your perspective on the sun to create a stunning depth effect in your images. And for those truly stunning memories, a Hyperlapse enables the camera to move while taking a series of time-lapse images, bringing motion to your shots. Explore this brilliant feature and make the most of those special moments with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro from!

Fly Towards the Horizon
 During sunset, the lighting conditions are ideal for filming beach photos. You can take a selfie with your loved one or family. To achieve the perfect shot, lower your gimbal down to focus on yourselves, and lift the gimbal up as soon as you disappear from the frame. This is a great shot to place at the end of your travel video.

Hiking Pictures
If you enjoy photography, part of the reason you hike is probably to see beautiful landscapes and take hiking pictures. If you especially enjoy tougher hikes where not everyone would attempt, consider getting a drone to take hiking pictures and to access high points of hikes where you cannot reach.

Follow Mode
Drones now have advanced feature modes to enable the drone to get epic hiking pictures, while making it easier on the pilot. Use follow mode on your drone from to make it easier to capture memorable hiking pictures. It basically uses the camera’s image recognition technology to track a subject, be it yourself or a friend. This mode is ideal for hiking pictures and videos.

Scout your Location T
aking interesting aerial hiking pictures takes just as much work as regular photography. Plan ahead of time, scout locations and think about composition. Try using Google Earth to help find new interesting places to shoot interesting hiking pictures.

Scenic Photography
The bird’s eye view that you get when taking scenic photography with a drone lets you find the beauty that you just can’t recognize from the ground. Imagine being able to capture the tops of multi-colored beach umbrellas covering a white sandy beach. Or of shadows stretching out into gigantic silhouettes, projecting every move and activity.

Capture Unique Patterns
Take out your drone, fly, and look for unique locations to shoot scenic photography. You’d be surprised at the kinds of interesting shapes and patterns that exist out there. The weirder, the better!

Take Aerial Panorama
Never underestimate the Mavic Air’s panorama feature for capturing scenic photography this summer! With a wider landscape, you can capture the entire view of beauty, rather than an incomplete picture. Fly high, choose your spot, then shoot, rotate, and shoot again!


Drones give a point of view that no other camera can give: from above! Take full advantage and use that aerial view to create marvelous illusions this summer.
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