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CES 2013 Begins

The Consumer Electronics Show has begun in Las Vegas and already things are looking up for the world of photography and photographers throughout the country. CES 2012 saw major announcements in photography gear including the Fujifilm X-Pro1, the Nikon D4, and the Canon PowerShot G1 X as well as the first Android-based camera, the Polaroid SC1630. So, what's the bet for this year's CES? Fujifilm is currently giving an invitation-only press conference which C|Net is live-blogging. Just recently, Samsung unveiled the Samsung NX300, a camera that takes a more retro approach to design but in camera body only. The lenses and sensors are as fast as ever and the LED flat-screen display and the button menus are easy and intuitive to use. Camera manufacturers are currently focused on the enthusiast and professional and markets instead of the casual or novice markets and bets seem to indicate that most people believe the focus will remain there as the manufacturers make their announcements at CES 2013. Stick around and check back here Wednesday to see what photography-related announcements have been made at CES 2013! -- da Bird
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