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Couple Photoshoot Ideas this Holiday Season

Couple Photoshoot Ideas this Holiday Season

The finest couples’ photographs portray friendship, love, and romance.  Between the depth of the intimate pose which displays affection, and a romantic scene that compliments that connection, couples’ photography can truly be beautiful and articulately masterful.

There is always something special entering holiday season that can ground you in significance and depth of love and life.  Maybe it’s the sensation of being reminiscent of the fondest memories of your youth, or simply the excitement of spending another holiday season with the people you love most in life, like your family and partner.  Essentially, holiday season creates a setting that is warm, cozy, and full of love, making it the best time of year for couple photoshoots.

Having the scene and mood already set for you is a blessing for couples’ photography.  This is your opportune chance to get the best couples’ photos of you and the love of your life.  These will be memories to cherish forever.  So, grab your camera and lens and create a special holiday photoshoot.

Activity Photoshoot

Beginning with activities since it’s holiday season and there is so many things that need to get done.  Capturing photos during activity-based events makes for great photoshoots. 

Holiday Shopping

Shopping is a fantastic opportunity to have a few photoshoots.  Most shopping environments like a mall will be filled with holiday decorations and themes creating a fun scene for a photoshoot.  You’re already going to be there shopping for the perfect gifts, so you may as well make it fun and memorable.  Just as best friends would be snapping pictures and selfies with one another on their excursions to the mall, the same applies for you and your best friend and partner in life.  Don’t hold back from having a great time.  There are many ways to have a memorable time, just imagine having a funny couple photoshoot with the mall Santa.

Decorating your Home

Whether you’re setting up your home’s holiday decorations with a Christmas tree or a menorah this season, it will provide you with a fantastic scene and background.  After investing a lot of time and energy into decorating your home, have a photoshoot and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of a timeless photo with someone you love.  Just think about romantic your couples’ photo will look with you and your love posing together in front of your well decorated and lit up home on a wintery evening at twilight.


Holiday season is synonymous with delicious food, but in abundance.  It’s a given that a lot of time will be invested in the kitchen in preparation and a great opportunity to enjoy the process with your best friend and partner.  Turn on some music, have a glass of wine, dance in between prepping dishes, and make the moment special.  This fun and intimate scene can portray passion, loyalty, commitment, and friendship.  This is a perfect occasion for a couple’s photoshoot.  This type of photoshoot also represents family which means if you are expecting a baby, you will have the right components for a couples’ maternity photoshoot.

Holiday Lights

When you think of holiday season, the first thing that will probably come to mind are all the holiday lights.  This of course sets the stage for tremendously beautiful and artistic photos.  Whether it is in front of a well decorated and lit Christmas tree, in front of your home, or out and about in the city, you can find a romantic setting almost everywhere you look during the holidays.  With the right camera, you can create very dreamy looking couples’ photos by slightly blurring a background with holiday lights.  There is very special meaningful essence about these types of pictures that display togetherness, family, and love.  This is such a great scene that you can also incorporate your kids for a perfect family photo as well.

Another terrific photoshoot is to bring the decorative lights into your photo.  Essentially, you don’t have to go anywhere, you just need some lights and holiday décor to use as props.  Try to be imaginative with your composition by using the props in a clever way.  As an example, you can wrap each other in a cocoon of lights to show unity and love.  Or simply arrange some wrapped gifts over decorative lights, and perhaps even put on a Santa hat, ugly sweaters, and use sparklers.

Take a Break & Change the Scenery

Everyone knows how stressful holiday season can be.  The list of things to do is long and time is always short.  Sometimes slowing down actually helps speed things up.  Taking a break and a change the scenery for a bit can help you refresh, recoup, and revitalize yourself.  It also can provide you with time to take some amazing pictures with the love of your life without the distractions of holiday tasks.

Make it Special

Make this special for your spouse.  Wake up and go to a natural environment for a beautiful and heartwarming winter morning sunrise or sunset.  Schedule a break mid-day for a small hike in the woods.  Nature is grounding and refreshing so this is what is recommended, but you would know your spouse more than anyone.  Do something they will enjoy and create an inspirational experience for them.  Perhaps even surprise them with an early holiday gift to demonstrate how much your partner means to you.  Remember the best setting for a photoshoot is an authentic one and this scene is perfect.


Bring the holidays with you wherever you go.  Surely going on vacation is awesome, but you may be missing out on some of the things that define holidays, like snow.  The good news is that true holiday spirit is defined by family and love, so not having snow in your photos does not have to be a big deal.  Just make sure you have some good holiday props like gifts and such in your composition when you’re having a beach couples photoshoot.

Get Cozy & Show Some Love
If there was ever a time for love to be on display, it is during the holidays.  This is the moment to be expressive to the one person who means more to you than anything else in the world.  This person is your universe.

For the perfect intimate scene, you will want to be somewhere comfortable like your bedroom, couch, or sitting on a rug in front of a fireplace.  Get close to each other, wrap yourselves around one another, and get lost in each other’s gaze to the point you no longer know the camera is rolling.  Imagine a picture of you and your love sitting and leaning into each other in front of a well decorated fireplace beside a beautiful Christmas tree.  This will be a photo worthy of prime real estate on your wall and office desk.

You can imagine that these types of pictures can be taken out of the home too.  Even harsh environments can be beautiful.  Think of the romantic scenery of a cuddling up together outside overlooking a beautiful mountain range or ocean during a sunset.  Sure it’s cold, but you look comfortably warm cozying up next to each other and the scenery is something out of a dream.

Holiday Photography Tip

Have fun.  Don’t make it too serious.  Let authenticity create the scene and vibe.  Let the photos come to you.  You can always enhance your photos with a little editing postproduction too.

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