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Creative Christmas Photo Ideas to Try at Home

Creative Christmas Photo Ideas to Try at Home

Looking for some Christmas photography ideas you can do at home this year? We have some great DIY ideas that will be great for your cards, calendars, and framed gifts.

Photo Ideas for Kids Santa’s Elf
Cute pj’s and a Christmas tree is all you need for this cute photo. If you need to, add some Christmas trinkets to keep your child occupied while you snap away.


Up on the Rooftop
Create a 3-D chimney prop from cardboard and paint. Place your little one down inside so he or she is peeking out of the top of the chimney. Add a Santa hat and voila!

Candy Cane Lane
 Spread out a white blanket with candy canes strewn all around. Have your child lie in the middle and hold a candy cane while wearing some striped pajamas.

The Best Christmas Present
Wrap an empty box with holiday paper and place your young child inside. You’ll have the most adorable gift this year!

Cookies for Santa
Milk, cookies and holiday pj’s make an easy and super cute Christmas photo.

Christmas Flurries
No Snowmaggedon in your neck of the words this season? Make simple photo magic with special snow effects that can be done on most photo-editing software like Picmonkey.


Simple and Sweet
A Santa hat and a candy cane are all you need for a super sweet photo. Set your baby in front of a white background facing backwards wearing nothing but a diaper and Santa hat. Have your child look at you over his shoulder will eating his candy cane. You can add background effects like bokeh twinkly lights afterward.

Sparkling Lights
Set your little one on the floor in a dark room. Toss some white lights in front of him or her to light up the room. Add a Santa Hat for some festive cheer.

T’was the Night Before Christmas
The pj’s in bed scene is super easy to recreate and looks so cute! If you have siblings, have them reading a Christmas book together.


JOY to the World
Use letters as photo props to spread some joy to the world.  Or let the kids have fun spelling it out with their bodies.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside
 If you get lots of cold, winter weather where you live, take a photo all bundled up in a plaid blanket.

Jingle Bell Rock
Pull out the sunglasses and guitars and rock around the Christmas tree! Use the

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal from so you can be included in every shot!

Candy Cane Kisses
The perfect couples photo! Each person holds out a single candy cane and forms a simple heart!

If you live near the beach, have the family get some sand between their toes. Then have everyone sit with their feet piled on top of each other. Place some old fashioned colored lights on top of your feet and take a photo of the feet and lights only using your DJI Drone. Get yours now and save up to 30% at!

Ornament Reflection
Capture your family’s reflection in a Christmas ornament! Then use Photoshop to remove the camera from the reflection.


Christmas Wreath
Use a Christmas wreath to frame your faces.  Or step inside the wreath for fun and silly pictures. Choose from any of these unique, funny, clever, romantic, creative, or just down-right-CUTE Christmas picture ideas!
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