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Creative Holiday Photos Ideas from Home

Creative Holiday Photos Ideas from Home

The holiday season has arrived. It’s time to start thinking about holiday photo ideas in time to get those cards in the mail. With all that is happening right now, you may have to be thinking of creative holiday photo ideas from home this year. Here are some creative family holiday photo ideas that can be recreated with ease!
Holiday Pajamas
It’s hard to find anything cuter than the kids, or the entire family dressed in matching holiday pajamas. From Santa and his reindeer, to dogs and cats with Santa hats, to superheroes and cartoon characters wearing the famous red suit, there’s no limit to the variety of holiday pajamas from which to choose.

Reflect on the Past
This has been quite an unusual year for sure. Try to reflect on what you have found to be truly important this past year, literally. Use a solid mirrored ball or ornament to place in front of the family. Try to capture the decorated tree or mantle in the background. Use your Nikon camera and lens from to take the creative holiday photo so that the actual photo is of the reflection in the mirrored ball!


Chalkboard Backdrop
Creating your holiday photos at home doesn’t usually include using a professional backdrop. You can still create your own backdrop using a chalkboard background or a wall painted with chalkboard paint. Place your family members in front of “props” drawn on the board like Santa hats, mistletoe, a Christmas tree, or a snowy scene. The possibilities are endless!

Recreate Classic Movies
Create a classic holiday photo at home this year by recreating a holiday classic. Use clothes or props you have on hand, or go for 100% accuracy and order what you need online to recreate classic Christmas movie characters. Create a scene from Elf, Christmas Vacation or the Parker family with the famous leg lamp from It’s a Wonderful Life.


Say It with Words
We can all come up with a single word to describe our family. Make large cardboard letters to spell out the word you choose. Have each family member hold up a letter of the word like JOY. If you have more letters than family members like, GRATEFUL, you can set the word up in front of your family before taking the photo with your mirrorless camera from

Santa Pile
This last minute, but still creative holiday photo idea, will work perfectly from home this year with little preparation. Have everyone in the family put on a Santa hat and make a human pile with the biggest member on the bottom. Sounds so simple, but the result is so cute!

Outside Ornaments
Bring the holiday tree ornaments outdoors for this creative holiday photo. Hang ornaments from a low hanging branch. Have your family sit or stand just under the ornaments so they are hanging right above their heads. This creative holiday photo idea works especially well with ball or snowflake ornaments. Avoid camera shake by setting your camera up on a tripod.


Use these creative holiday photo ideas from home for some inspirational holiday cards.
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