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Creative Ideas for Summer Photography

Creative Ideas for Summer Photography

From sunrise to sunset, and all of the treats and adventures in between, summer provides many outdoor photography opportunities. Here’s a list of some of the moments you will want to capture with your camera this summer!

Epic Sunrises
Rise and shine early enough, and you can capture some amazing colors of the summer sunrise. Include reflections in your beach photography sunrise shots. There’s nothing more amazing than seeing a dazzling sky reflected by water in your summer beach photography.


Toes in the Sand
Looking for the perfect location to gather inspiration for your summer photography? A simple walk on the beach will provide you with all the beach photoshoot inspiration you’ll need this summer. From seashells, to footprints in the sand, there’s no end to the possibilities as you enjoy the sand between your toes.

Hammock Lounging
What better way to relax during the dog days of summer than in a comfy hammock? Capture some relaxing outdoor photography shots of yourself in a hammock on the beach, stretched out on your patio, or while camping in your backyard!


Look Out for Wildlife
Beaches are great places to find animals ready for a beach photoshoot. Search for birds such as seagulls and sandpipers, starfish, crabs, and other creatures along the shore. They make for great additions to your beach photoshoot.

Refreshing Drinks
There’s nothing quite as refreshing on a summer day than an ice cold drink. Add a “splash” of color to your beach photoshoot this summer by incorporating some tasty cocktails into the mix.

Take the Plunge
Jump into some refreshing water on a hot summer day. The oceans, rivers and lakes are full of thrill-seekers ready to take the plunge to cool down. Whether you’re into surfing, swimming, or kayaking, strap on your action camera from to capture yourself in these epic outdoor photography shots!


Ice Cream
Who can resist the most popular treat of summer? This tasty treat comes in many flavors and sizes, making it so easy to compose some creative, crave-worthy outdoor photography shots.

Add Some Light
Taking portraits during a beach photoshoot requires some planning. To avoid the inevitable shadows on your subject’s face, use a flash to create fill light. This will help to balance all of the harsh sunlight that is reflected by the normal background of a beach photoshoot.

Surf Shots
The movement of the waves can make great photos if you know how to master that motion. This type of beach photography requires you to shoot in shutter priority mode to capture the motion of the waves. For splashes of water frozen in time, use a high shutter speed and turn on the burst shooting. Or, smooth the water into glass by taking a long exposure with a tripod from

A beach photo that never gets old is a photo of the sunset. Because no two sunsets are the same, you can count on your sunset images to create a unique beach photoshoot every time! Up your beach photography game by taking aerial shots of the sunset with your drone!


These bright ideas will help you get more creative with your beach photography.
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