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Creative Photography Projects for the New Year

Creative Photography Projects for the New Year


The new year is a great time to look at starting a photography project. It’s always good to be involved in a project to give your photography a lot of focus. Working within the constraints of a defined creative photography project will also make you think out problems, and come up with innovative solutions. We have ideas to get you started on a creative photography project this year.

Photograph 1 Object
Focus your attention on one object or item for a year. For example, a tree in your landscape that you take a shot of from the same spot for certain amount of times. You could also pick an item and take it to various locations throughout the year to photograph. Time lapse photography could also be an option. Especially in spring when you can capture flowers blooming in your garden. For broader themes, think of items you'll be able to capture images of in one place such as shop signs in towns.


Think in Color
This is a project that you can shoot over several days, weeks or even months. The key is to focus just on one color. This means you can capture photos of various subjects as long as the color theme matches.

Self Portrait Project
'Selfies' are all the rage and can be captured with any camera and anywhere with the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer from Take on the 'daily self-portrait' project for a year and you'll have an interesting collection of images that document your face, clothing choices etc. for a year.

One Consistent Theme
Keeping all your photographs channeled to just one theme can really focus your mind. This creative photography project can easily be combined with a 365, or 52-week project. Concentrate on a technique like photographing in all black and white. Or use a topic for inspiration such as photographing only Chinese food, for example. Another option is clothing.  You could make a project on denim. You could also photograph at the same time every day.


A Song or Album
Delving into other mediums is a great way to come up with a cool creative photography project. A lot of people take the photo, and then make a title to go with it. A better approach for creativity is to know the title of your photograph before you take the photo. Going to your favorite music album or song for the title of your photo can be a great addition to this project. There is a mixture of projects, some you can do in a weekend, and some that will take all year. Take your pick, and then dive in!
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