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Daily Exercises to make you a better photographer

Daily Exercises to make you a better photographer

Photography is an art form. Practicing is the best way to drastically improve your skills and take better photos over time. However, it’s hard to constantly stay inspired. In order for you to refine and improve your photography skills, we’ve created a list of the best exercises to practice daily that will make you a better photographer.

Shoot Moving Objects
Capturing motion with your Nikon D80 Camera from can result in fascinating photographs. It will also prepare you to shoot settings such as sports events, weddings, and other happenings where motion is a common occurrence. However, conveying motion in your photographs takes skill, and in order for you to acquire this ability, you need to practice. You can get started by shooting one moving object every day for a week. It could be dogs running and playing in the park, a moving car or a train, birds flying in the air, or people dancing. This will teach you how to use shutter speeds.


Carry a Subject with You
The idea is to choose a small, portable object and carry it with you for a week or a month. Maybe your traveling subject is a small doll and you photograph her sitting on the counter at your local deli. Be creative and shoot the object of your choosing in different settings and from different angles. This will teach you how to use the macro mode on your camera and to shoot within a few inches of your tiny subject. You will also practice how to shoot a small object from a distance and incorporate it in the frame so that it’s still your photos’ main subject.


Shoot Objects with Common Characteristics
Every day, take between 50 to 100 photos of objects with common characteristics or attributes. Some characteristics you can look for could include the purpose they serve, color, shape, texture, or material. One day you can photograph objects that are predominantly red. The next day you can shoot things that are used to help people, like glasses for example. The idea is to find interesting pictures hiding inside “everyday objects”. This will boost your imagination and creativity while challenging you to shoot objects you never thought of shooting before with your Canon EOS Rebel T7  from

Experiment with Lighting
Knowing how to use light to your advantage while shooting is an essential skill that is learned mostly through practice. One obvious yet efficient way to practice this is to take as many photos as you can every day but under different lighting. Experiment with early morning, midday afternoon, or early evening outside shots. Consider a room with classic lighting or with candlelight, window shots, silhouettes; the possibilities are endless. Select the types of lighting available to you and practice your skills by experimenting with different lighting techniques. Seeing and comparing your photos will show you your mistakes. You can learn what needs to be changed for you to take better pictures in the future.

The Un-Selfie Selfie
This is not a “selfie” exercise; so bring a tripod. You have to be inside every frame. Compose, frame, and start the self-timer. Then, put yourself into the photo in a meaningful and thoughtful way.


Choose one of the above exercises and do it daily for one week at a time. Then proceed to the next one. What are you waiting for? Pick an exercise, take your camera, and start shooting!
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