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Digital Camera Accessories

Digital Camera Accessories

As much as we all love summer, it's safe to assume you’ve probably been counting down for weeks until the first day of autumn. Because once September finally rolls around, you know what that means? Endless fall activities to enjoy! Between hayrides, pumpkin picking, and corn mazes, you and your family have plenty of ways to stay busy in the weeks ahead. But because there’s so much fall fun, you want to make sure you capture every moment with your digital camera. Are you wondering which camera accessories to buy? With such a wide range of equipment available, it’s difficult to know what you need or where to begin. We have the camera accessories that will help you take better quality fall photos, protect your equipment and keep you shooting when disaster strikes.


A tripod from is essential for any kind of photography where you need to ensure the camera stays completely still as the photo is taken. This includes photography in low light, long exposures, landscape photography, self-portraits and macro photography. The days will be getting shorter, so your use of natural light for your fall photos will be a little more limited. In low light, your camera will need to use a slower shutter speed in order to capture enough light for a good exposure. If the camera moves while taking the shot the results will be blurry. A tripod solves this problem by keeping the camera totally still. Autumn landscape and portrait photography are very popular, and often involve taking many shots of the same scene. In these situations, a tripod can act as a “third-hand”, freeing up your two hands for making adjustments to your portrait subject. Tripods come in many different sizes. If a regular sized tripod seems overkill for your kind of photography there are several more compact alternatives.


Remote Shutter Release
Your family has just completed the corn maze at the local pumpkin farm. How can you include yourself in the group photo without using your camera’s built-in timer? Can you take a long exposure image of the Ferris wheel at the county fair without introducing camera shake? These are situations where a remote shutter release can help. Some cameras allow official or third-party remote buttons to trigger the shutter using Infra-Red or Bluetooth like this Universal Shutter Release Remote Control from Others require a physical cable-release system, either connected to a dedicated socket on the camera or the flash hot-shoe. Some cameras will even allow you to trigger the shutter from within an app on your smartphone. Check your camera’s user guide to see if this is an option. Be sure to get the correct remote shutter release for your camera.


Camera Backpack for Hiking
On the hunt for the best camera backpack for hiking to snap some panoramic shots of those Fall mountain views? We’ve got you covered. With a hefty amount of gear on your back, trekking up mountains and down valleys can be challenging, especially if the elements are against you. Even as a seasoned hiker, you’ll want the best camera backpack for hiking to protect your photography equipment. And you’ll want the most accessible backpack so you don’t have to fiddle for your camera when you spot rare wildlife or if the sun is just about to set over the colorful foliage. Keep your equipment safe, organized, and easily accessible with the Deco Gear camera sling backpack. Designed to rotate from back to front for quick access, it’s roomy enough to fit a DSLR, multiple lenses, a 15-inch laptop, and more. You can open the bag from the front for complete access to all your gear, or use the top or side zippers to grab just the essentials. In addition to a padded laptop sleeve, your bag comes with well-padded modular inserts to keep your gear safe when hiking the trails. Other features include thick zipper pull tabs and a rain cover.


Make the most of autumn and enjoy all that comes with it. There’s no better time than this to capture the changing leaves on a special foliage train ride or a scenic hike through the forest. Let’s not forget about all the autumn activities you can capture like apple picking, Friday night football, and Fall festivals. No matter the outing or event, you’ll be prepared with these digital camera accessories.
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