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DIY Graduation Photoshoot Ideas

DIY Graduation Photoshoot Ideas

One of the overlooked disappointments of schools and colleges transitioning to remote learning is the seniors’ missed opportunity to take graduation photos. But if you didn’t get the chance to have a senior photoshoot on campus before the shutdown, there are still plenty of ways to get DIY graduation photos from the safety of your home or while practicing social distancing.

Blow Confetti

To bring some colors to the graduation pictures, use confetti. Get a pack of multi-color confetti or use your school colors. Have the graduate blow the confetti directly at the mirrorless camera from for a dramatic effect.
creative graduation photoshoot ideas

Create a Banner

Creating props for your DIY graduation photoshoot? A banner is a good start. You can buy all the necessary materials in a craft store or order online. Write your graduate’s name or any special word on the banner and use it while taking sunset graduation photos. The colors in the shot will be marvelous.

Add Colorful Balloons

Definitely the cheapest prop you can find for creative graduation photoshoot ideas. You can choose balloons of different colors to bring a playful vibe to your DIY graduation photos. You might even choose to have the numbers depicting the graduation year to add variety to the graduation photos.

Demonstrate Your Skills

If you have a hobby, why not show it off in your graduation photos? It can be anything you are passionate about. Singing? Painting? Playing tennis? Any hobby will bring a special spice to the graduation photoshoot. Just remember that you’ll need to take care of appropriate props and clothes in advance.

DIY graduation photoshoot ideas

Pose with Favorite Foods

These graduation photo ideas may seem a bit unusual at first, but after you try them, you understand what funny and “tasty” results you can get. Whether your graduate loves chocolate, candies, pizza or anything else, use it for unique DIY graduation photos.

DIY senior pictures

Twirl Your Dress

One of the best graduation photo ideas for girls. After spending an endless amount of time choosing their ideal outfit, they won’t miss a chance to demonstrate it. Twirling a dress will add some dynamics to the graduation photo. Make sure you take some of these graduation photos with the Fujifilm Instax because she’ll want to pin some of these graduation photos on her wall right away!

The Leaning Pose

A win-win pose for your graduation photoshoot, or pretty much any photo session. You can lean against a common brick wall or find a colorful one, like those coffee shops and candy stores have, and take a lively image. Add a personal touch by making it a meaningful location you frequented as a student.

Campus Steps

If the school has a beautiful campus for a background, have the graduate pose in front of them. Sit on the steps of the building showing a deep connection to this place for the best graduation photo.


This DIY graduation photo idea is sure to evoke lots of sweet memories. Have a graduation photo taken of parents pushing their child on the swing. It creates a very touching graduation photo and proves that time passes very fast. To get tack-sharp pictures, you need to freeze motion. If you’re shooting with your camera in manual mode, be sure that your shutter speed is above 1/200. Anything below that is going to be blurry. Setting up your tripod from allows you to really capture the movement.

DIY senior picture ideas
These DIY graduation photoshoot ideas should inspire you to think outside the box when taking graduation photos this year.
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