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DIY Photography Hacks – Because Sometimes You Get Desperate

DIY Photography Hacks – Because Sometimes You Get Desperate

Sometimes you find that perfect photo opportunity but realize you are lacking that piece of essential gear that will make your image stand out. We have some quick tips here for those times when you've got to think on your feet a little and have to resort to makeshift tools! These photography hacks are cheap but the final results will amaze you.

Party Bouncer
When you’re in an indoor situation where the hint of light is just not enough and the use of integrated flash on your DSLR from would end up in a catastrophe, you need this simple party bouncer. All you need to do is make two cuts on the edge of business card. Then, install it to the metallic hinges of the integrated flash. Most of the light bounces from the card onto the ceiling. This will create a nice overall illumination. Some of the light will penetrate directly through the card, disperses and lights the subject from the front.

Grid Spot
Like most grid spots, the main job of this light focusing device is to funnel light to a central hotspot, with the light tapering off around the edge. One of the advantages of this particular design is that its light focusing power can be increased by cutting thicker cardboard wedges. Or decreased by making them shallower. You can also give it a more finished look with a coat of black spray paint, and by rimming its edges with black tape.

Flash Snoot
Made of a 9x12-inch sheet of craft foam, the advantage of this DIY hack is that it’s adjustable. You can narrow its beam to the size of a pencil point. Or spread the foam sheet out until it’s broad enough to serve as a bounce card.

Take Vintage-Style Photos
Early inexpensive consumer-grade cameras were manufactured with cheap materials. Also, with very loose tolerances which often gave photos a slightly distorted and dream-like quality. Easily recreate this effect by applying a dab of Vaseline to a UV filter from and spreading it along the outside of the filter.

Make Hazy Photos
Here’s a simple and easy photography hack to add another use to your sandwich bag. Attach the sandwich bag to your lens and make sure parts of it are obstructing the lens view. Fire away to get your hazy photos!

Take Macro Photos with your Phone
Your phone camera can achieve great close-ups but you’ll need to follow this hack in order to get the most out of it. Remove the focusing lens from the inside of an old laser pointer. Using a hairpin to hold the lens, attach it to your phone’s camera using tape and you’re set!

Soft-Focus Filter
Pull a section of pantyhose over your lens, fix the fabric with one or two rubber bands on the lens. Black stockings create a delicate gray veil. Skin-colored or white stockings, on the other hand, create a color-neutral softener effect. These are some quick DIY hacks that could just save you from not getting the shot!
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