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DIY Valentine's Day Photoshoot

DIY Valentine's Day Photoshoot

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Even though this romantic day will be a little different from previous years, you can still create special Valentine’s Day photos. From DIY backdrops to creative camera settings, to romantic poses, these easy and inexpensive DIY Valentine’s Day ideas will help you create some amazing Valentine’s Day images.

Heart-Shaped Bokeh
No matter your photography skill level, this simple Valentine’s Day DIY gives a huge romantic impact to your photographs. Create some DIY bokeh hearts for your Valentine’s Day photoshoot. Create heart-shaped cut-outs from cardstock to place in front of your lens. Drape some white or red holiday lights over a white sheet. Place your subject about 4 feet in front of the lights. Set your camera on a tripod to avoid shake, and put your DIY cut out heart lens filter in front of your Nikon 50mm fixed lens from Focus on your subject to create the bokeh.

LOVE Garlands
Create a unique DIY Valentine’s Day love message for a garland photo backdrop! Craft your favorite Valentine’s Day message into garland to hang behind your subject. Add variety to your DIY Valentine’s Day photoshoot by having your subjects hold the strung up message in front of them.


Flower/Heart Backdrop
A perfect DIY backdrop for a romantic photoshoot can be created using inexpensive faux flowers. Simply arrange the flowers into the shape of a larger than life heart on a poster board. You can put your DIY creative skills to work with your color choices. A nice use of ombre to blend one shade of pink to another will make for a creative backdrop.


Faceless Valentines
It’s easy to portray romance and intimacy when you photograph the faces of your Valentine’s Day subjects. The real intrigue is found in the Valentine’s Day photos without faces. Photograph your subjects hand-in-hand walking away from your digital camera from into the sunset. Shoot from above a Valentine couple playing footsies while warming their bare feet in front of the fireplace. Only capture their feet and maybe the cups of hot chocolate resting on the fluffy rug next to them.

This quick and easy DIY Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea is the perfect prop to use when photographing kids, teens, adult couples or Valentine’s Day selfies! Just blow up several red, white and pink balloons and place your subject right in the middle of the pile! Add a few Mylar foil letter balloons that spell out “love” or “sweetheart”, and that’s a cute DIY Valentine’s Day photoshoot!

Puppy Love
What DIY Valentine’s Day photoshoot would be complete without some shots of your pet? These DIY Valentine’s Day photos don’t require a lot of time to setup, or very many props. The cuteness of your pets and the pure love they exude are more than enough to create adorable DIY Valentine’s Day images. You can simply dress your pet up with a simple pink or red scarf or a bow for their photoshoot. Give your pet a big smooch while wearing bright red, washable lipstick. If your pooch has a white forehead, neck area or even a white paw, this works best. Just placing Fido in the center of heart-shaped props is enough to melt anyone’s heart on Valentine’s Day!

photoshoot Let these DIY Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas spark some creativity on the most romantic day of the year.
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