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Dressing for Your Fall Family Photos

Every year, November sneaks up on us. Suddenly, we find ourselves drowning in Thanksgiving cooking and Christmas wrapping. It’s holiday overload and the added stress from your upcoming family photography session is just enough to put most of us overboard. Trying to decide on just the right outfits for everyone in your family just adds even more stress! We’re here to help with that problem! Read on for some tips on what to wear for your fall photo shoot.   

 Family Photos

Where’s the Shoot?
First, consider the location when you’re picking out your outfits. Beachy clothes and barefoot for beach sessions. Dressier outfits for urban, earthy tones for a session set in the woods, you get the idea.

 Family Photos

Keep it Timeless
Next, keep clothing as timeless as possible. Check out your parents’ photo wall for reasons why 80’s clothing should have stayed in the 80’s. Keeping your outfits timeless will keep your photos from looking dated.

Mom Takes the Lead
Mom’s outfit gets picked before anyone else’s. If she’s comfortable and happy in what she’s wearing, it’ll show in the images. Kids and significant others are less concerned with what they wear. It’s much easier to plan their outfits to coordinate once mom has found something absolutely radiating.

It Doesn’t Have to Match – It Has to Go
When you think about a color scheme you want to go with for your session, start with a basic color palette and go from there. You can do this with a neutral base and a few pops of bright color. Or pick a color and have everyone dress in shades of that color.

 Family Photos

It’s All in the Details
Pay attention to the details: scarves, hats, shoes, and jewelry. These all play a part in making your look come together in front of your iOS or Android on the Deco Gear 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer from However, keep in mind that sometimes, less is more. Wearing that fun, funky hair clip for the session is awesome, but you don’t want to overpower yourself with accessories because the details can become distracting. This is especially true when it comes to kids and babies. Those giant bows are super cute, but are they taking away the focus from your sweet little princess?

Layer it Up
Layers and textures can add visual interest to your wardrobe, and are easy to add or take away to give the outfit a different feeling. This includes shirts, scarves, vests, jackets, necklaces, fingerless gloves, etc. When we talk about textures, you can mix and match different clothing materials: tweeds, corduroy, crochet or lace, ribbons, ruffles, etc. Texture can also play an important element when shooting a photo in black and white on your Nikon Z9 from!

Get Comfy
Probably the most important thing is to wear what feels good! This is especially important because the way you feel about yourself in a particular outfit will come through in the images. Make sure to wear clothes that are fitted, but not too snug. When clothing is a little too tight, it can show off bulges that you would rather keep hidden! It can seem daunting to pick out clothing for a fall photo shoot. Just remember you have many options!

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