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Easy First Day of School Pictures Ideas

Easy First Day of School Pictures Ideas

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The first day of school is always an iconic time.  Whether you’re going to your first day of freshman year at college or sending your child off for their first day of kindergarten, this is a day that provides classic photography material which is fun, heartwarming, and everlasting.

To get the best photographs for a first day of school shoot you should keep it simple.  Keep your subjects happy by not being too serious about it.  Finally, just have fun!

Heading off for their 1st day of school picture
The most memorable first day of school photo is capturing the moment they’re leaving for school.  Dressed and ready with a school backpack and headed out the door, you will look back at this photo with great memories of this moment and how little or young they once were.

  • With a backpack, lunchbox, books in hand or even an apple are all good props that will set the going to school scene for the photo.
  • Walking through doorways, walking down the driveway, in front of and getting on the bus are perfect locations for this picture shoot and will describe the essence of the moment.
  • Consider that going to school for the first time may be an anxious experience for young kids. Be relaxed and encouraging.  Going to school is exciting, celebrate the iconic moment in your child’s life vs looking for a cool picture that will be popular on social media.

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Dress for success first day of school Photoshoot
What do you want to be when you grow up?  This is where you let you child choose how to dress for their first day of school based on what they want to be when they grow up.  Your child will love this concept and can also provide some funny first day of school pictures.  Years from now you can look back and laugh how your child dressed up as an astronaut or superhero for their first day of school.  Or imagine how cute they would look dressed in business attire like mom or dad.

Best friends first day of school pictures
Our kids are not alone.  Chances are they will have best friends that are also going off to school for their first day too.  Bring them together for a photoshoot to remember this glorious occasion. 

  • Arms over each other shoulders
  • Waiting for the bus together
  • Capture them walking together with their backpacks on, from the front and/or back

First day of school pictures before and after
One of the most creative first day of school pictures is the before and after photo concept.  This is where you take a picture when they begin school as a youngster and use that picture within the frame of a graduating photo. 

You can do this year over year as well to catalogue their growth and achievements of graduating into a new grade.  Although you will see the most impact from kindergarten to high school or college. 

There are many methods for a successful before and after photo.  You may find it fun to create a fake diploma or adult size jersey made with the “graduating class of 2030” for them to hold up in their first day of school photo.  Obviously, you want to choose the correct graduating year if you go this route. 

Looking back at these types of pictures is fun for everyone and heartwarming to the fact of your babies growing up.

Candid Camera
Going off to school can be stressful for a young child, especially if it’s their first year ever going to school.  Having a photoshoot celebrating what your child is stressed about may not be the healthiest thing to do.  Shooting candidly is a great way to still capture the essence of going to school and will always give you adorable pictures.

  • Consider using a location that’s within their comfort zone such as their bedroom.
  • Photoshoot your child getting ready for school, leaving for school, and saying goodbye

Get in the picture

There are no rules that restrict these photos to be of your child by themselves.  Join in the picture with them.  You can still add on any creative ideas to the photoshoot and your kid will probably think it’s funny you’re joining them in dressing up what you want to be when you grow up, even though you’re an adult.

Prop ideas
Props are a great way to add character to any photoshoot, especially for the first day of school pictures.  Use some of these prop ideas or come up with your own.

  • Letter Board – If your confident in your handwriting, you can use cardboard and markers, otherwise you’re going to want a letter board to write some fun things about going to school, grade, or anything you want it to say.
  • Fact Sheet – This goes hand in hand with a letter board. Write facts about your child including name, age, grade, favorite foods & colors, and anything that best describes their character.
  • Collage – Use a collage of other photos of your child going into other grades. Each year the collage will grow and it’s a beautiful thing to get to see how they grow over time.

Tips for a great Photo

  • Get the best smile by using the right location – Avoid any harsh sunlight that will cause funny smiles and squinty eyes. If you can avoid harsh lighting conditions, have them turn their face away from direct sunlight to deter this from happening.
  • Use neutral-colored backgrounds – A simple background will enhance the focus and attention of detail of your little one and whatever pros you decide to use.
  • Use your surroundings – You may want to take a more artistic photograph, especially if your kid is all dressed up in a cute outfit. Take advantage of beautiful scenery like trees, leaves, interesting shadows, and architecture to enhance the creative and artistic aspects of your pictures.

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Photoshoot camera options
For photography lovers who want to take amazing pictures you may want to consider a better type of camera such as the Nikon Z 30 mirrorless.  Mirrorless cameras are some of the best types of cameras and are widely used by professionals.  The Nikon Z 30 is a great option that won’t break the bank, is durable, has all the modern bells and whistles, and will be a great camera to use for any occasion whether it be night or day, inside or outdoors.

As an alternative, explore Fujifilm’s Instax instant film products.  This is the perfect camera for this type of photoshoot because it’s easy, fun, and you can even let your child take it to school with them to take pictures with their new classmates and friends.  This is also a fantastic camera to bring or gift to college friends.  These cameras are special because they’re like those old instant polaroid cameras we used to use when we were kids many years ago.  You literally take the photos and print them without having to upload the pictures to a computer. 

Have fun!
Make sure to be relaxed and have fun.  It’s not a serious photoshoot.  This way you know your child is happy and mentally ready to tackle their first day of school.  It is about recording the memories more than anything.  Be proud and display these photos on the refrigerator and walls in your home.  And don’t forget to get them all the school supplies they will need to excel in their education, and also to be used as props for the shoot.


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