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Elevate Your Drone Photography

Elevate Your Drone Photography

Drones can capture what no other technology is capable of capturing. To be able to produce the quality images like the professional photographers, you’ll need to follow these simple but crucial pointers.


When operating a drone like the DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone from, it’s easy to get so fixated by a certain subject that you ignore all the other beautiful things that exist in the scene around your subject. It’s important to get the lay of the land. Do this by encircling your subject and note where the light, composition, and background seem to come together the best. Light is a crucial ingredient to every photograph, and drone photography is no exception. Try to fly your DJI Drone with 4K Camera and WiFi from Do this during the Golden Hour when the skies are filled with the soft yellow tinted light as the sun begins to rise or fall. Another great time to get some fantastic images with your DJI Mini 2 drone is during the Blue Hour. This is when vibrant blue hues take over the sky before sunrise and after sunset.

Some of the most potent compositional elements in the high-flying medium of drones are lines, patterns and geometry. Lines have the power to direct the eyes from the foreground to the background of your photo. Patterns allow you to discover visual patterns during flight that can go unseen from the ground. Geometric shapes, especially ones that interact with one another keep your viewers’ eyes moving throughout the frame.

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All of these are important factors to consider when trying to improve your drone photography.  However, the main compositional advantage you control with your drone is perspective. The best photographs aren’t always the ones taken at maximum flight altitude. The sweet spot is usually just a few feet above your head. Anywhere between 10-100 feet above ground. This will allow you to create distinctive imagery with foregrounds, middle grounds, and backgrounds capable of producing a unique visual experience. Use these tips to help elevate your own drone photography and just be creative. Explore and discover the new possibilities that your drone’s perspective brings.
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