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End of Summer Photography Checklist

End of Summer Photography Checklist

With the 1st day of school already here, summer is quickly coming to an end. But don’t let the unofficial end of summer put an end to your summer photography just yet. Check out these end of summer photography ideas to add some last minute memories to your albums.
Summer Photography
Experiment with a Polarizer
First things first. Before you hit the beach or parks to start shooting your end of summer photos, make sure you have the right equipment. It’s never too late to add a polarizer filter from to your camera bag. This easy to use camera accessory can add so much to your end of summer photos. Just snap a polarizer filter onto the end of your lens to boost color saturation making skies and water a deeper shade of blue. A polarizer can also help to separate the clouds from the blue background. This will give them more definition, making them stand out. This small but mighty accessory will work wonders when you need to reduce the reflections on water surfaces of your end of summer photography.

Summer Photography

Hit the Beach Is there a better place to get in your last days of summer fun than on the beach? Symbolize the end of summer with some sunset silhouette photos on the beach. Have your subject stand along the edge of the ocean where they are partially blocking the sun. Then focus your digital camera on the brightest part of the image while pressing the shutter halfway down. You’re now ready to reposition your camera to frame your shot and press the shutter. Don’t forget to take some videos of the family fun while you’re on the beach. Grab your camcorder and keep it rolling as the kids splash in the waves, or build that epic sandcastle. Don’t forget the simple end of summer video clips of mother and child walking hand in hand towards the waves.

Summer Photography

Underwater Summer Photography
Chances are you and your kids will try to get in as much time as possible in the water as summer comes to an end. If you haven’t already, why not give underwater photography a try as you end your summer? Your new action camera from will make taking end of summer underwater photography exciting and easy. Try some end of summer underwater photos of your family simply waving at the camera. You can jump in ahead of your family and be ready to take underwater shots of them as they hit the water. Whatever your plan is for your end of summer underwater photography, just make sure that there is plenty of light. You also want to be shooting pretty close to your subject. Have fun capturing these last moments of summer fun with these end of summer photography ideas.
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