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Extra Time on Your Hands? Here’s What You Can Do to Fill It

Extra Time on Your Hands? Here’s What You Can Do to Fill It

Given that many of us are self-quarantined and/or working from home these days, we may find that we have more free time than ever before. But there are only so many TV shows and movies we can watch before creating a permanent indentation in the couch! Need some new indoor activities and ideas on how to avoid boredom? We have just what you need.

Learn a new musical instrument

Always dreamed of shredding like guitarist Carlos Santana but never quite had the time? Make use of this time in quarantine to learn the classical guitar, or another musical instrument of your choice. Set up your new monitor from and learn to play through self-teaching, listening and repeating, and online tutorials.


Learn a new skill or hobby

We are naturally curious creatures that want to continually expand and grow our knowledge. The perfect way to avoid boredom is learning a new hobby and skill. It is good for the brain and can be started at any time. Why not join an online class and take up painting, photography or cooking? Joining a class is a great way to learn something new and meet new people while stuck indoors on a rainy day.

Practice your cooking

Years of watching "Top Chef" may now come in handy. Being stuck at home on a rainy day is the perfect time to master your cooking skills with some virtual guidance. You can find online cooking classes anywhere from paid and free subscriptions to Instagram! Baking is a great home school lesson in measuring with the kids! Have some fun baking with the kids. Cookies, cakes, brownies. Anything! Don’t forget to take pictures of your masterpieces with your camera from!


Visit a museum

Yes, you read that right. But how can you go to museums if you’re supposed to be in quarantine? Some European museums have opened their doors, virtually speaking, and are providing online tours through Google Arts and Culture. The service provides beautiful high-res images as well as street view tours that allow you to navigate around the museums at home on your computer monitor. They also offer interactive, online exhibitions that explain particular features and nuances of certain works.


With all this extra free time on your hands, what better way to spend it than improving your fitness? There’s nothing wrong with going for a run. Just make sure you keep a safe distance from other people (about 6 feet). If you'd rather stay safe between your four walls, there's no end of fitness gurus on YouTube just waiting to guide you through a home work out on your computer monitor.


Train the dog
No, seriously, this could be a good one on a rainy day. Chances are Fido is getting a little stir crazy too! If the family dog doesn’t know how to sit or stay, start there. If he’s ready to move onto more complex tricks, try focusing on training an hour a day. You can move onto down and roll-over. Add those cute shots you’re taking with your camera to your social media to share with the rest of your family and friends!

There are a lot of options to avoid boredom and to make staying indoors as enjoyable as possible given the circumstances.
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