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Fabulous Father’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

Fabulous Father’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

Father’s Day is quickly approaching on June 19th.  It’s the perfect opportunity to capture that spectacular photo that Dad will cherish for the rest of his life.  Here are some ideas for ways to take some heart-warming photos for Dad’s big day using a camera from Photos of the Kids Pose the kids in some of these creative ways and give the pictures to Dad as a special gift from his littles ones.
  • One way to have the kids wish Dad a happy Father’s Day is to pose them sitting with their feet facing the camera. Write a simple message to Dad on the bottoms of their feet such as “We Ó Dad”.
  • Use your children’s love for sidewalk chalk to send a message to Dad by having them create a “Happy Father’s Day” card on the driveway. Then have the kids lie down in the middle of the artwork and take a photo of the “card” and the children.
  • Dad is the hero of the family. Let the children show how much they want to grow up to be just like Dad by posing them in some of his clothes such as his shoes and tie.
  • Of course Dad is very proud of his whole family, so make sure you take some pictures that include the spouse with the children as well. A nice pose includes holding a simple sign in front of the family with a message such as, “We Love You” or “You Are Our Life”.
Create a collage of photos with the kids holding cardboard or wooden letters spelling out D-A-D. Of course this works especially well when you have three kids, but you can combine letters or be as creative as you’d like if you have less or more children.  

Photos of Dad with the Family

  • Take a photo with Dad as the star of the show. Place lipstick lip prints all over Dad’s face and place him in the center of the photo with a child on each side kissing each of his cheeks.
  • Catch Dad and the kids in the act by capturing silly moments as they participate in some of their favorite activities or games. A GoPro Hero4 from is the perfect camera for capturing these action shots.
  • If your daughter or son has their father’s eyes, capture them by getting an up close and personal photo of them together with their faces touching in soft lighting.
  • Capture that father and son bond with a shot of some fist bumping action, capturing the side view of the fists and wrists only in the image.
  • Take a photo of Dad reading a favorite bedtime story to the child, or coloring a picture together while relaxing on the family room floor.
  • If Dad is the chef of the family, capture him making pancakes or decorating cookies in the kitchen with the kids.
  • Photos of piggy-back rides or of Dad walking away down a trail with the little ones make wonderful memory keepsakes too.
  • A treasured keepsake is a photo of a great-grandfather holding a framed photo of grandfather as he holds a framed photo of the father you are celebrating, as he holds a framed photo of the child.
  • Place a pair of your son’s shoes alongside a similar pair of his dad’s shoes for a photo that will remind Dad how “They grow up too fast!" sneakersThese ideas aren’t reserved only for the young children.  Dad still thinks of his older children as his babies as well, and cherishes photos taken with them at any age.
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