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Fall in Love- Wedding Photography

Fall in Love- Wedding Photography

Fall Wedding

Fall is here and it’s a wonderful time of year for wedding ceremonies. Crisp air, golden glam, pine cones, mums and fall leaves make the best details for your wedding setting. Everything about this season provides awesome photo opportunities for engaged couples and newlyweds. So make the most out of this autumn woodland with its cheerful shade of yellow by adding the best shots to your wedding album. Here are our inspirational suggestions.

Foliage covered ground

Take advantage of nature’s colorful background and lie or sit in a bed of leaves. Surround yourselves with your flowing wedding dress.

Use the trees to create cool effects

Why not make use of the warm-hued leaves to give your photos that edge by shooting your photos through the trees. There’s just something undeniably romantic about sharing a smooch beneath the colored leaves. Go for some creative angles and shoot down through the leaves.

fall wedding

Make use of the abounding leaves

In the summer we stop to smell the roses and in autumn we stop to play in the leaves! Like any other portrait session, though, the details can make all the difference. If you're thinking about your wedding portraits in terms of a cohesive group rather than a single photo, the details bring out things that might not otherwise be obvious. Pick up some leaves or have the photographer shoot your shoes with the Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera from as you stand in a pile of leaves. It helps tell a story rather than giving you a random collection of nice, but disjointed portraits.

Lakeside photo

Beautiful autumn foliage by the lake. What could be a better pairing!

Take classic walking-through-the-woods photos

Because no autumn wedding photoshoot would be complete without a shot of you strolling through the woods filled with pretty autumn trees. Have the photographer take shots of you alone or with the groom walking towards and away from the camera.

Wrapped in flannel

Get images of the bridesmaids with flannel blankets draped around their shoulders. A real symbol of the fall chill in the air.

Covered bridge

We’re not sure what it is about covered bridges, but they just give off an autumnal vibe. Get some shots in front of the entrance or walking through the bridge.

Cornfield or corn maze

Whether you’re posing in front for a beautiful horizon or playing between the stalks, a cornfield is the perfect location for fall-themed wedding photos. Also, is there anything more quintessentially fall than posing in front of a corn maze?

Pumpkin patch

This is a great place for some fall wedding photos. While you’re hanging out in the patch, use these unofficial symbols of fall as props. Place your wedding bands or engagement ring on the stem of mini pumpkins or small gourds. Just remember, you’re never too old for a pumpkin-head photo op.

So many props

With Autumn comes a multitude of natural props and backgrounds to use in your photos. Place your bouquet on a tree stump for a rustic feel. This will be especially gorgeous if the arrangement is filled with rich orange and yellow hues to mimic the changing leaves. Set the camera from on aperture priority mode. Hold a single leaf out in front. The leaf will be in focus, while you and the groom will be blurred in the background.

fall wedding

Take advantage of the breathtaking transformation of nature taking place this time of year. The explosion of color will make your wedding photos look even more amazing!
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