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Family Christmas Photo Cards that will WOW Your Relatives

Family Christmas Photo Cards that will WOW Your Relatives

Get those cameras and festive sweaters ready! It’s time to take that perfect family photo for this year’s Christmas cards! Capturing the exact moment to create the perfect photo is pretty tough, which is why we’ve decided to do the leg work for you. Whether you’re going to use a professional photographer or have your friends and neighbors capture the big shot for you — you’ll want to plan some ideas before the shoot. Check out some of these awesome Christmas card photo ideas. Action Shots One way to make the photo shoot process much easier for everyone involved, especially the kids, is to have an activity they can partake in while the photographer takes the photos with a camera from Baking and decorating cookies is a great example. These Boots Were Made for Photos Nothing says CUTE quite like a shoe shot with a tiny pair of booties. Add some Christmas lights on the ground for a nice touch and a pop of color with some leg warmers. The Babe-Mobile If you want to stick with just the little one on your Christmas cards this year, a photo like this will surely be a winner. Let your child cruise along in his/her toy ride along car with a tiny Christmas tree on top. Don’t forget the adorable baby hat and snow. Snow Kisses Playful activities always make for the best photos. A shot of one or a few people blowing snow kisses towards the camera from make an adorable shot! You can use real snow, fake snow or even some sort of confetti to recreate this picture. Don’t forget to add a festive background! Couples 1st Christmas For a brand new family of two, the first Christmas card is kind of a big deal. Using a simple prop like Christmas lights can go a long way when trying to create a romantic, yet totally festive approach to a couples shoot. Just drape yourselves in a blanket of lights and you’re all set! Keep it Simple You don’t have to be super-creative! Keep it simple with an easy backdrop like a holiday wreath. Include the family pup, because that’s always a favorite addition. Think about using a step stool for the little ones to keep the faces all in the same general area. Baby Christmas Tree A little tricycle, a little boy, and a little tree. Perfect. This photo is simple yet oh so adorable. Oh Christmas Tree Nothing says Christmas quite like picking out the Christmas tree. Especially great if this is one of your family’s beloved Christmas traditions. You can stage this photo or simply bring your photographer along for the trip. The family dog is a great addition. Santa Paws There’s something truly special about the bond between a little baby and the family pup. The two babies in the family. Something as simple as posing the two alongside the Christmas tree makes for a very magical photo. Or if your pup is an only child, no need to pose your pup, just let them hang out beside the tree and snap a candid. Try these creative ideas if you want your Christmas cards to stand out from the rest this year.
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