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Father’s Day Photo Ideas

Father’s Day Photo Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for the man in your life for Father’s Day can be difficult. Here are some creative Father’s Day photo ideas to help you and your kids show him how much he means to you on this Father’s Day.

Hard Shoes to Fill
You’ll need to raid your husband’s closet to create this fun Father’s Day photo. Line up the kids and take a photo of them attempting to wear their dad’s shoes. To really place an emphasis on the shoes, focus your camera only from their waists down.

Dressed for Success
Since you are already raiding his closet for shoes, why not grab a few ties? Have your child wear a simple white t-shirt for this Father’s Day photo. Loosely drape your husband’s tie around their neck. To complete the look of this Father’s Day photo, let them slip on those oversized shoes for a few shots too. No human children yet? Dress up the family pet the same way to show the love from the 4-legged child. This will make a fun addition to the family photos you add to the Google Nest Hub Max with Built-in Google Assistant from you’re giving him for Father’s Day!


There are so many ways to incorporate the word DAD into your Father’s Day photos. Of course if you have three children, you can have each child hold a cardboard letter or wear shirts spelling it out. Father’s Day photos taken of the bottoms of the children’s feet with the letters “We (heart) Dad” takes 3 pairs of feet. Or have your kids hold balloons that spell DAD. If you can’t find balloons with the letters already printed, you can add the letters during post-processing.

Add Text
Even with thousands of greeting cards to choose from, it can still be difficult to find one with the right words. Speak from your heart and add text to your favorite Father’s Day photo. There are several easy to use and free online photo editing programs from which to choose. Simply choose your favorite Father’s Day photo, add your sentiments, then print from your printer. Voila! The perfect Father’s Day card!


Capture the Day
These Father’s Day photo ideas are perfect to give as gifts on Dad’s big day. However, don’t put the camera away just yet. Make sure you snap some photos as Dad opens his other great gifts you, the kids, and even grandkids give him for Father’s Day. You can add these to all of his other Father’s Day photos. He will have these wonderful memories to remind him how much he is loved throughout the year.


These special Father’s Day photo ideas are the perfect way to show the dad in your life how important he is to you.

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