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Five Ideas for Your Spring Photography

Five Ideas for Your Spring Photography

Winter is a fantastic season for photography, but spring provides its own opportunities as well as giving us a much more comfortable working environment for springtime photography. The warmer weather wakes the plants and animals up from their winter slumber and sets them into overdrive. It’s an exciting time for photographers. Whether you’re interested in spring family photos, spring landscape photos, or spring engagement photos, there are new opportunities in spring. We’ve rounded up some of the best springtime photography ideas for all types of photographer! Embrace the Rain Spring showers themselves can be great photographic material with all the drama of heavy rainfall, but the real magic comes after the showers have passed. The storm clouds coupled with the emerging light can create fantastic spotlighting for spring landscape photos. Mist is a spring landscape photographer’s dream. It transforms even the most familiar landscape, lending itself to beautiful minimalist images as well as grand vistas overlooking cloud inversions. Spring happens to be one of the best times of year to capture the dawn mist. Watch out for a clear, cold and still night after an overcast or rainy day. If you see these conditions make sure to set the alarm early, because the chances of mist are high! Mist is more likely to form above bodies of water, so there’s your first point of call for your spring landscape photos. Say Hello to the Blooms When the flowers and trees start blooming, it feels like a breath of fresh air after a long winter. It’s the perfect background for your spring family photos. Take note of new blooms and how their vibrant colors completely transform the frame of your spring family photos. Look for a neutral background to photograph with your Fujifilm Instax Mini from that allows the new florals to take the spotlight in your spring family photo. Think Beyond Flowers Although flowers and blossoms tend to be one of the first things that come to mind when one thinks about spring, you don’t have to limit your springtime photography to photographing trees and flowers. There are many other things that are equally representative of this time of year, from fuzzy ducklings and playful squirrels to people sitting outdoors enjoying the first warmer days of the year. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with your springtime photography. Look for Reflections Reflections can also add interest and drama to your springtime photography, whether it’s the reflection of a flowering tree in a placid lake or a child’s face reflected in a puddle of water on a muddy path. If you’re shooting street scenes in the city, you can look for things buildings or car mirrors that show the reflection of the trees or spring flowers that are coming to life. Add Something of Interest in the Foreground Landscape shots can sometimes end up looking a bit similar. Use your drone from to add something of interest in the foreground and bring them to life. For example, a flowering hedge, row of daffodils, or a moss-covered log surrounded by bluebells could add some color to your springtime photography, and emphasize the fact that it was taken during springtime. So, dust off your rain boots and grab your camera. These tips will help you capture the changing season.    
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