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Fujifilm X-S20 Review

Fujifilm X-S20 Review

Fujifilm, already a leading name in mirrorless cameras, announced on May 24, 2023 that their newest addition to their x-series lineup of cameras; the new Fujifilm X-S20 their new APS-C sensor camera is slated for release in June 2023. The x-series impressive lineup from Fujifilm Camera already consists of the higher end Fujifilm x-H2S and the Fujifilm X-T5. The X-S20 falls into the mid-range category of DSLR like camera bodies.

The Fujifilm X-S20, however is an extremely compact and ergonomic lightweight new camera weighing in at approximately 491 grams. Designed as mid-range new camera for content creators, videographers and even some beginners, with a touch of flair and upgraded specs, this is the new camera for all your needs. This is more than just an entry level camera.

With the explosion on the scene of vlogging and the amount of people pursuing it as a hobby or even as a career, having a powerful mirrorless camera is imperative. Vloggers which require the majority if not all of their blog to be on on video recording, and should look to the X-S20 for upgrading their vlogging activities and produce high quality with a built in vlog mode. With the video features packed into this light camera you can take your vlogging to the next level.

The X-S20 is equipped with the back-illuminated 26.1 megapixel sensor “X-Trans CMOS 4 and the high-speed image processing engine “X-Processor 5” to produce high-quality images. With this sensor and the X-Processor 5, shooters will be able to capture everything from daily moments to travels and precious moments. The X-Processor 5 is Fuji’s progression in camera powerhouse processing continues to evolve. With this processor an optical low pass filter is not required to assist in controlling false color.

The back illuminated design and stacked layers of the X-Processor 5 places the chips that process and signals on the back of the sensor surface. The reading speed is more than 4 times faster than the previous model and more than 30 times faster than the first-generation model of X-Trans Processors. Take advantage of this tremendously fast read speed to properly focus the signal while processing for image display.

What do we need to see spec wise from this camera to meet our vlogging needs? Well, we believe that this processor and overall functions of the X-S20 that will take your livestreaming and vlogging to the next level.

The X-S20 features many more attractive specs at the price point of around $1,300.00 for the body only version as recommended by Fuji. The camera body will also allow a vast amount of the Fuji lenses to be attached to the camera.

We will discuss more of the specs and amazing features that the X-S20 contains below.

Let’s Get Hands On with our new Camera

So, let’s discuss in greater detail what this camera body can offer you and why this is the mid-range full frame APS-C mirrorless camera you will want as a videographer to get the image quality you desire.

The X-S20 features a large and ergonomic grip, which is a staple of the X-S series. This helps with carrying the camera during long shooting sessions especially if you are travelling or sightseeing. Not to mention during a long vlog session when not mounted and comfort and stability is paramount. An uncomfortable vlogger is not going to cut it in today’s world, and their camera should help ease anxiety in this regard.

The five-axis in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system that provides up to 7.0 stops of compensation. Despite this, the camera body only weighs 491g. Comfort personified.

There are 19 Film Simulation modes inside of the X-S20 to keep the analog look of the classic photographic film, which Fujifilm has developed for over 85 years. The classic colors and tones that Fujifilm are known for will shine through.

With the NP-W235 battery, the battery capacity has gone from the Fujifilm X-S10 to The X-S20 upgrading shooting frames from 325 to 750. If you activate the X-S20 into economy mode it will increase the battery life to 800 frames. Rest assured, with that larger battery and the capacity of it, you will be able to complete with peace of mind those lengthy vlogs or just extensive photography. However, having a spare battery is something that we usually advise so as not to run into situations where you can’t use the camera because it needs to be charged. This should save time but with a bit of added cost.

In addition to single focus and manual focus, the intelligent hybrid autofocus on the X-Processor 5 features subject-detection. Autofocus that utilizes Deep-Learning AI Technology even properly adjusting the ISO. With the upgraded algorithm the X-S20 boasts improved auto-focus, enabling stable focusing even in the most difficult video recording of continuously moving subjects or objects or low light environments.

Hybrid Auto-focus improvements are most notable in zone autofocus allowing the shooter to set their distance from the image and maximize the depth of field. With subjects or objects held up directly to the camera the autofocus system has a product priority mode, in the same vane as the Sony “Product Showcase” mode. This will automatically focus from your face to the object or subject in front of your view.

In addition to the autofocus tracking and detection for human faces and eyes, X-S20 can now also automatically identify and and track subjects or objects, which can even include animals, birds, vehicles, bicycles, airplanes bugs and even drones. When tracking a drone change the mode dial to “Airplane”. This advancement in accurate autofocus lets shooters concentrate on composition and content creativity. Auto Mode when set on the mode dial allows the camera to automatically recognize/set the most optimal shooting setting for subject detection.

Astonishing video recording output to 6.2K at up to 29.97p (up from 4K) with dynamic range and the option for Apple ProResraw footage. Atomos assists professionals to bypass technology barriers by creating easy to use, cutting-edge 4K and HD Apple ProRes recorders.

With Blackmagic RAW which is also a setting recording in high dynamic range and with all the benefits of RAW video recording. Including almost lossless images with high resolution.

Offering a 4K webcam for streaming with an included EVF (electronic viewfinder) and a touchscreen LCD to get an accurate view of your image, the X-S20 is on the cutting edge for mid-range mirrorless cameras.

Should you chose on fuji cameras an “Open Gate” has no cropping and the entire frame is shot in the video recording as it comes through the camera and lens. The cropping can be done in post processing and production.

Welcome to Vlog mode, using touch-friendly controls for self-recording, such as a one-touch background defocus mode that will auto set the lens to its widest aperture.

A professional photographer may find its video options of 4K 60p video recording and 4:2:2 10-bit with their F-Log tech. The new F-Log2 profile is great because it provides even a flat image in dynamic range. Also offered is 1080p FHD recording at 240P. WOW!

By enabling the Background Defocus mode to blur out your background naturally, you will get that fantastic Bokeh effect that will add to the cinematic look of your image.

Still images can be taken in the following formats: jpeg, HEIF (often used to save storage space) RAW and TIFF. Video recording formats can be taken in MOV, HEVC, Linear PCM, MPEG-4, MP4 and MPEG-4. This will allow compatibility for devices using these formats to be viewed on.

Utilizing the X-Mount for lenses the X-S20 opens up your new camera to a plethora of lens options from Fuji including those with r wr (weather resistant) capability. When using a mounting adapter you can even place lenses from Leica, Nikon, Canon etc. on your camera.

Connectivity and Storage

Raw video is provided through the HDMI micro connector output to your monitor, PC or TV screen.

Bluetooth 4.2 is also included as is Wi-Fi 5 or A/C with backwards compatibility to A/B/G/N Wi-Fi. And with connectivity being so important to vloggers having the access to the faster A/C Wi-Fi protocol which will allow you to access potentially both bands of the 5GHZ network, your livestream and vlog should seamlessly be uploaded to the internet and the social media network of your choice.

One UHS-II SD card slot is available for storage for an up to 2 TB SD card, however as a vlogger for extensive shooting sessions we recommend having a spare SD card for additional storage which can then be transferred to your peripherals. (Though 2 Terabytes of potential storage should normally be more than adequate).

With USB C connectivity, connect the camera to a computer to use it as a webcam.

The X-S20 can be paired with the new “FUJIFILM XApp”, which extends the allow for Images in the camera can be wirelessly transferred and viewed on a smartphone device, and the X-S20 can be operated remotely from the app, including altering settings and post processing.

Dual 3.5mm jacks on the X-S20 are present, so you can record audio with an external microphone and monitor it with headphones.

Pre-Release Conclusion

Fujifilm is taking a further direct leap into the competitive vlogging camera market. As we previously discussed Vlogging should continue it’s growth in today’s day and age. Imagine, you are a teacher trying to discuss a topic with a student. Well, a great Vlog on that subject may just help that student achieve a better grade in your class. Fuji recognizes the remote or hybrid remote work/learning environment of today and is ready for the challenge.

With so many different outlets to stream or upload your vlog to, you want the right new camera for you. Within the sweet spot of a mid-range DSLR body only camera and the price point that justifies the amazing specs on the X-S20 including weather sealing for dust, debris and elements to assist in protecting the camera we feel hard pressed not to recommend this as a go-to for vloggers.

According to Fujifilm included in the packaging (which should make for a fun unboxing experience) are the previously mentioned Lithium-ion battery NP-W235, an AC power adapter AC-5VJ, plug adapter, USB cable, Shoulder strap, Body cap and cooling fan connector cover.

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